I respect Layne very much, but... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/08

changing the name? what a stupid idea... just because they lost the lead vocalist?
did van halen change it? ac/dc? faith no more? black sabbath? iron maiden? judas priest?
if these guys had changed their names, and started different bands whenever someone important left... the music scene would be so poorer!
and then, we would have some band (which has 2 original members of AIC) playing their music!
or maybe you'd prefer never hearing that again live?
i saw them 2 years ago, and AS A LONG TIME FAN, i loved it. it was a great rock concert, with some of my favorite tunes. and that was great!


FYI Tommy | Reviewer: Shane | 4/15/08

Calling people faggots is low and makes you look really stupid. And FYI I have consistently stood up to people who have used racial slurs against William on YouTube, even though I do not like what Jerry & co. are doing.

Rock'N'Roll | Reviewer: MetalMan | 3/25/08

Alice In Chains has always been my favourite band! Jerry, Layne, Sean and Mike were and are all great musicians. They made the grundge era amazing! Their music was different and unique and Layne's voice is one of a kind! Evertime I hear a band trying to play AIC I laugh... because there is nothing like the old AIC! Nobody will ever come close! Alice In Chains..... YOU GUYS FUCKING ROCK!

Respect For AIC!!.... | Reviewer: Tyger | 3/14/08

I had alot of respect for tyhat band, I saw them in concert and they sounded different on stage than the radio, only in one song did they sound the same as the radio version and that was the song "Would". Yes Layne was a good vocalist and the one they have now sounds almost perfect, I think they should have found Nikki Sixx after he left Motley Crue. But still nevertheless they sound awesome. ~R.I.P. Layne~

Beautiful... | Reviewer: Alenna Roberts | 12/9/07

This biography is really well presented..it really helps you understand more of how they became..it shows other peoples views on life for the band without layne..

alice in chains and the 69 camero | Reviewer: ted | 12/9/07

I just love alice in chains and the band,, hopefully lane staley will always be reminded of my friend Md he loved the band too and I love him and kino and jay and rich..

Layne | Reviewer: Tommy | 11/21/07

Also, please stop mourning his death, but just thank God that such a great man even lived to help Jerry, Mike, Sean, and William to give us their music that we all love...

Quit it Dumbasses | Reviewer: Tommy | 11/21/07

You people need to shutup. They do NOT NEED TO CHANGE THE NAME!!!!!! Petitions to change the name....bullshit. Keep the name guys, the dumbasses out there who want you to change the name are just faggots. You guys say to change the name out of respect for Layne, but that would be disrespecting Layne for God's sake!!!!!

Nobody will ever come close to the talent that Alice in Chains has. The new bands in this generation really suck, they can't keep it real like AiC could. I got to meet Jerry, Mike, Sean, and William....and William can never have the calibur that Layne had but he is close and very good, so stop discriminating against him assholes.

Layne | Reviewer: Tommy | 11/21/07

Also, please stop mourning his death, but just thank God that such a great man even lived to help Jerry, Mike, Sean, and William to give us their music that we all love...

Layne | Reviewer: Megan | 10/23/07

you guys are all selfish, you're only thinking about what you would want, not Layne. it isn't about US, it's about him. would layne really want them to make a different band, just because he's gone? yes, Layne was amazing, and talented, but just because they have the same name, doesn't mean they're trying to replace them. have respect for Layne, and try to think of what he would want for the band.

Respect for Layne Petition | Reviewer: Shane | 10/9/07

Jerry, Sean, and Mike Inez have every right to move on and continue as a band, but they should do so under a different name. If you feel as strongly about this as I and many others do, please sign our petition at www.petitionspot.com/petitions/respectforlayne.

Music is what it wants to Be | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/07

Elvis presly, The beatles, Floyd, Randy Rhodes, Cliff m All to Kobain, to many to list but one Would think that one great band stuck out since them. Yet there isn.t one. Music today has one meaning that the artist spent way to much time making it what people want to hear instead of what they actually feel and respect. Music is respect, and noone respects you for being a follower so Lead the way but you will never compare to AIC