Mike? Is it you? | Reviewer: Pauline | 3/15/11

God, reading these.... it's just like being with you again. I wish I could have taken the pain away away... but like it says... though you always swore... you told me... you'd always swore you'd never be like your dad. It was too much. He was too much. All you wanted was their love and acceptance. I wish our laughing, our cuddles could have meant more. But a lifetime of their rejection was a lifetime of their rejection. "Mikey let's call the crack guy," what an awful thing to hear a father say. "Don't bring him here! I'll call the cops," your mother the day before your rehab stay. "If only", we could all say it, say it a thousand times. Was I the only one who was surprised? Was I the only one who said, "but I thought I'd see you again."