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Performed by Alice In Chains

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You are right... | Reviewer: Supernoob | 9/29/2007

This song isn't by Alice in Chains - It's by a band called "Thread" and the actual name of the song is called "Aviary Garlands". For more information, check out itsnotalice.comand you can read all about it.

Not Chains? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/21/2007

supposedly this isn't an Alice in Chains song. Can anyone shed some light on this? AIC or not, I think this song is on my Top __ list

Favorite AIC song | Reviewer: Darren DeFrancesco | 6/25/2007

yes its tough too say what alice in chains song is the best but the song Blue has so much meaning and feeling in it that it is by far my favorite. I wish Layne never did pass on RIP man

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