The Last Temptation | Reviewer: Vincent | 2/20/10

I hate to disappoint, but the song isn't purely some born-again Christian message. The entire album was written as an accompaniment to the graphic novel, The Last Temptation, co-written by and starring Alice himself. This song pertains to the book's ending, in which the protagonist, who Alice has been tempting the whole time with money and friendship and women and eternal life, finally overpowering him by burning him to death.

I'm not saying there aren't definite Christian undertones to the song, there clearly are, but that's because the novel utilized the old light vs dark cliche as its plot device, and the whole religion, God vs the Devil ideal is the same basic gist. You should read the graphic novel first before reading too much into the song's meaning and adopting it as some anthem for your Christianity. Plus it's an excellent novel.

Hmm... | Reviewer: Enchantress | 7/13/07

Well I just love the music changes...
I like the lyrics but I guess I haven't really interpreted them in a religous sense...

Unrestraint | Reviewer: Scott | 3/24/07

Alice's approach in this album is straight forward. He doesn't come across as preachy, but simply honest. He confesses things he struggles with (as do we all struggle), and talks about what concerns him in society. Thanks for the music and the message!

Elect Alice ! | Reviewer: David Steber | 5/31/05

WOW !! Alice hit the nail on the head in a way no one else can, and I bet satan cringes every time Cleansed By Fire is played. If I never meet him in this world, I will see Alice in heaven... Those who say Alice is evil better look in the mirror and try to cleanse themselves before the fire gets hotter.
Oh yea, and the song ROCKS !

VERY UPLIFTING!!! | Reviewer: Pamela Baker | 12/27/04

My husband bought me "The Last Temptation"cd from Alice Cooper for Christmas, and "Cleansed By Fire" is my favorite!!! My husband and I are both Born-again Christians, and it's almost like Alice is giving me a wonderful sermon from this song!!! It's SO uplifting, and encouraging to me!!! Alice is Heaven-bound, and so are my husband and I!!! We both LOVE Alice, and we are so proud of him!!! He is a wondeful Christian man, and he will surely get many rewards in Heaven!!! Review from Pam in Boston, MA