The Indefinite Alice! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/13

For those of you whom have been recently acquainted with the
infamous Alice Cooper; congratulations! I remember purchasing
my first Alice album (on Vinyl)"Love it to Death" and was not
disappointed; in fact astonished would be the correct word!
This was "Shock-Rock"; with innovative lyrics, essential guitar
chords, and drum & bass Bulldozer rhythm! A far cry from the
compositions that dominate the FM airwaves of 2013.

Alice cooper is the fucking bomb | Reviewer: Shay | 9/19/13

Alice cooper is the very best shock rocker ever he is a legend and ultimate singer he is better then all the artist today he is the grand daddy of shock rock and he is even better then marilyn mansion

OMG | Reviewer: prettytwisted | 8/10/13

The start of this song it sent shkvers down myspine.First time k heard alicd cooper i was at a wrestling show and some one used poison as thrrd theme song(i ended up wrestling for that same company and became good friends witn the person who used poisin as there theme song )

Dark Shadows | Reviewer: AmberLynn | 6/17/12

The first time I heard this song was when I went to see Dark Shadows. One of the only reasons I wanted to see this movie was because I had seen comercials for the movie that had Alice Cooper in them. The main character, upon seeing Alice Cooper, said "Uglyest woman I've ever seen." To my suprise while watching the movie, just before johnny depp said his line, I heard a woman in the back say "that can not be a girl, she looks so creepy!" what is wrong with you lady!! duh, It's Alice Cooper, He is a guy!!! The womann's boyfriend did set her straight though he told her he was a guy.
The first i had ever heard about Alice was from a substitute teacher. My step-mom also told me about him. I had already decided that i was going to get a couple of his cds to start listening to him, but after watching Dark Shadows and seeing Alice Cooper I just had to get some of his cds ASAP!!!
I would deffinatly recomend Alice Cooper to... Everyone! If you havent heard him, you absolutely must try him.
Oh, I just bought a cd that in the little booklet inside Alice Cooper wrote a little note and the end of it said, "...And speaking of crazy, all you girls that write me letters who think I'm trying to contact you or that I've been tapping on your window... I'm not! You all need help!" Yeah they need help! He's got better things to do than fallow you around and tap on your windows! Why would he do that? You need more help than people think he needs, more than anyone's got to offer.

b. a. dogmire | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/8/12

one of the most realistic and intellengent artist ever !!he was doing this shit when bands like kiss were still cutting teeth...this song, teenage lament, is it my body, and serious will follow me to the grave. who else in this genre can write a song even sinatra covered? you and me, yep.

To Die For | Reviewer: Cynthia | 11/13/11

The earliest memory of my childhood is when I was 1 year old, sitting on my dad's lap, listening to this song while my dad sang it. It has always been one of my favorite songs. When I die, I want this song to be the last song played at my funeral.

CHANGED MY WORLD | Reviewer: brette | 2/24/10

I heard this song one day in 1972 as an eight-year old child (on Detroit radio) I remember exactly where I was in the car with my brother- and just hearing the opening... BLEW ME FREAKIN' MIND!!! I've been a die hard Alice Cooper fan since. The composition, Guitar/Bass/Drums/Vocals/Timing/ Lyrics/Cutting Edge Creativity, Orchestration, I don't even have the technical terms to describe the brilliant music!!! and the quality of musicianship/timing... and then put "ALICE" on it then open your eyes and add the visual effects of the show --- adding hallucinogens would be TOO MIND BLOWING because I am taken to another dimension even without them.
Please listen to the song that comes before this one "Second Coming", it segways into this song.