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alexisonfire are the best band in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: april | 6/9/05

omg i lovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee them soooooooooooooo much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!they are so amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!i cud listen to them all day without getting bored!!!!!!!!their voices are soooooooooo hot!i luv them!!!email me if u want!!!

AOF RAWKS MY SAWKS | Reviewer: aof freakk | 5/23/05

alexisonfire are amazing, their cds (self titled and watch out!) are both equally amazing and I bought both of them in the same week. They are so talented and all of their songs are amazingly different.. It's just too bad that none of my friends like them so I can never really talk about them to anyone. If anyone wants to email me to talk about AOF feel free!! I heart them so much no words can describe. \m/

KICK ASS BAND | Reviewer: Rob | 5/23/05

ALEXISONFIRE IS THE FUCKING BEST BAND EVER!!!!i own both of their cd;s but the first one was better....but in watch out dallas has a better singin voice but still best fuckin band ever!!!

YES! | Reviewer: Beau Wright | 1/2/05

ALEXIS-ON-FIRE is the shit! theyre original cd was better than watch out! though...only because george put a weird effect on his scream in watch out!.....other wise ALEXISONFIRE should be given a nice shiney medal that says"Alexisonfire is the best fucking band in the entire fucking world, and they are the best thing to come out of canada since Pamela Anderson" on it....that would be cool

you rock out loud | Reviewer: tan | 12/15/04

your band is just the best i bought your new cd watch out and it rocked

I LOVE ALEXISONFIRE | Reviewer: Brad | 7/15/04

I love them they are my favorite band. Gorge Logan and Jesse Inglevics are my idols. i got really mad when they wernt comming to warped tour in vancouver and i missed them in victoria cause i was out of town. but when we get our new arena and if they come i will be first in line too get in line. i bought there new cd Watch Out the day it came out and i havent stoped lisining to it.

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