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------ performed by Alexisonfire

alexisonfire in its purest form | Reviewer: Alex | 12/12/08

i think it was a blessing that i started listening to alexisonfire,
my dad says that its a bad band but he has never listened to it before. it pisses me off when he says that cuz this band helped me get through a lot of bad times in my life.
this song gives me the chills even thinking about it.
im definitly reading that book.

Re What the song is about | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/08

I saw this comment a while ago so I bought Kurt Vonnegut's book and I just read the bit where it says "It's fear of myself that's made me odd" and the song does make a lot more sense now, plus it's actually a good book too. So cool :)

Just waiting. | Reviewer: andi e | 5/2/07

When I first listened to this song I felt so calmed and trapped in this peacefull place were I copuld fully visualize the lyrics.The first four lines really got to me.I just want to spin and wait for this song to fill some void I have let my happiness succum to.................This song is better than any other that I have ever heard.It is the sweetest most hypnotic thing.It in the moist true possible definition of the word this... is art.

What the song is about... | Reviewer: Kay | 3/2/06

So I was just reading Kurt Vonnegut's "In the Monkey House" and line 1 one page 168 is "It was fear of myself that made me odd." If you read the book, the song makes sense. So um do that.

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