The first time | Reviewer: Alicia | 12/25/13

I saw you when I was watching people doing covers on a song called dark blue that's when I found you I loved your voice it was very nice till today I'm still watching your covers and your songs

Alex Goot- I'm Glad to Know You're in my Atmosphere | Reviewer: Kaitlin | 10/25/12

I remember when I first saw your music video for Lightning. Originally, I'd only clicked it because I had recognized Lulu Antariksa from How to Rock. Now, I consider you to be possibly even more of an ideal to me than even her. Your music, original song or cover, is extremely inspirational. It bewilders me that any human being could obtain so much sheer talent. Though I haven't known about your music for too long, I just want you to know I'm glad to know you're In my atmosphere.