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Alannah's ordeal | Reviewer: TimminsGal | 9/30/12

Alannah has been overcoming a chiropractic injury. There are a few interviews with her on you tube, including being taken for practically everything she had, and also a spine and neck injury after too many chiropractic corrections. Which had left her bed ridden. Hoping she makes a full recovery and collects on the dues she has paid.

Kodiak Island hidden jewel | Reviewer: Karen McDaniel | 9/26/11

I lived on the island of Kodiak,Alaska for 18 years and in 2002 (03 or 04) Alannah was "working" as a bartender at the Rendevous bar just outside of the city of Kodiak. My hubby and I were in the audience that evening and the (then) owner, Val Flinders, introduced Alannah as a singer and she BURST into Black Velvet. I can tell you she was fantastic!!! No one in Kodiak had heard anyone with her great voice in a very long time. She totally mezmerized (sp?) the audience.

Would love to hear from her as to her experience(s) in Kodiak, how long she was there, etc. AND where she went from there.


Karen McDaniel (18 years on Kodiak Island) now in Arizona

I feel your pain | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/18/10

I saw you live at River Rock casino in March ,2010 when you came out on stage I didnt know what to think? You then explained and I cried. You are so talented and have a voice that makes me quiver . I absolutley admire you , there are no words in the universe to explain your never dying drive to make you world right and to make sense of everything, your are an example to every physically challenged person . You are a STAR!!!!!! I hope things go well with you and I truly was inspired by your concert. Your newest fan. I will watch for you know you are one of a kind. Heather Lowery

miss ya girl!!! | Reviewer: Chantal | 11/15/09

I have been a fan for years! Only wish she would perform again! I have seen her on many occasions and was never dissapointed. Hopefully she is doing well and will have the chance to hear her live again! But until then, her music is on my list of favorites...maybe she can come to Sarnia??

strong southern style | Reviewer: becksina | 5/28/09

Always loved this lady's voice.Reminiscent of Sheryl Crow and Cher and the Wilson Sisters of Soft Rock,outfit "Heart".Sounds gutsy and feminine, sure of herself,really true and solid.Classy and still cool.

she is a stuck up nobody | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/09

i USED to love alannyah myles. i remember being so excited to see her perform at wasaga beach. i was truly loving her performance until she unleashed her nasty personality and told all the smokers to get away from her in the area where she was performing. what??? are you nuts? those were the days when you smoked in bars. at any rate, we were there on the roadside when she was leaving after her performance and we tried to complement her on her performance. She was a totally rude, jumped in her CAB and drove off. it was that day that i stopped liking her. artists successes rely on fans. i stopped being one. too bad for alannah. she blew it herself. pompous ass!!!!!

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