Real Insight | Reviewer: Herexlover | 11/8/11

Seems to me you all are missing the point, anyone can draw a parallel with any love song to their own relationships, not very enlightening comments. I personally doubt she wrote this all on her own at 18 years old and had some help piecing it all together. I suspect she wrote some of it based on her own experience dating a guy 15 years older than her at that time. Clearly she is referring to a close friend and older man that she was involved with regardless. She is stating that she did not want to fall in love with him but that she had no choice but to acknowledge his love because it's so pure and foreboding. Unlike the immature jerks in her life he treated her like a friend and woman and with the utmost respect. While her heart longs for hot guys that are "cooler and hipper" that would impress her peers, she is now aware that he is the only one deserving of her attention and love. He is the one that treats her like a princess and she loves it although she doesn't want to admit it to herself or friends. He had always presented his love and affection in an unconditional manner, not demanding anything from her in return. He is the one that has always been her true best friend and confident. She knows as a young woman, she is by nature completely irrational, and she regrets not being more forthcoming and accepting his love earlier in their relationship. She now fully appreciates and accepts him for everything he is and has been to her. If she was that wise at 20 years old, she is wiser than most woman I've dated in their late 30's.

Broken | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/09

Hey, it's been a year and 9 m0nths since i stopped listening to this song..
Sadly because it reminds of my ex to whom i dedicated this song. It was really one of my favorite song ever. But it was that hard for me to hear it and remember what it meant back then.
Now that i've heard it again, it still reminds me of him but only the thought of him.. I'm beginning to love it again and n0w with an0ther meaning for me..

I think this song reminds me of my boyfriend | Reviewer: Alyssa | 12/18/08

I think 'Head Over Feet' is a great love song and this song reminds me of my boyfriend, Alanis wrote this song about her mysterious lover and about she dated her ex-boyfriend Loud Lucy lead singer Christian Lane, She's got a great voice.

always | Reviewer: mike | 8/20/07

this song is how my girl told me she loved me
she told me to listen closely to the lyrics
we were just friends before she found the song
and it seems to describe us perfectly...

great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/07

representa muy fuertemente a mi chica y a mi, great song i say thanks to Alanis for her music

babs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/07

This song speaks volumes about the relationship I am in now; and how it is everything that I never thought I wanted or thought that I would have...

great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/07

this is a really great Alanis song..ive alwayz loved it.

Pretty Love Song!! | Reviewer: Pamx | 12/12/05

This one of my fav. Alanis song.Great melody and great lyric!!
This is a pretty love song!!