Greatest adventure | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/2008

A year ago, in Sydney...this song is so damn true for the story of two people

Ooh this could be messy
But you don't seem to mind

None of us minded ... have you ever felt you really know a person after knowing him for a month.
So many random thoughts are passing though my head now. You know, it's like, when you want to scream, but you can't; when you want to cry, but you cannot afford showing it to anyone, as if you want to put it down on a billboard, but no one had to see it.
Till you reach the edge and you want to share the greatest adventure of your life to the whole world, cause a very few people may have experienced such love. No one should know it, and everyone should know what a real love is, and feel it.
Have you ever spent time for writing meaningless, random things while you are at work?
Thank you possum, for making this true, for playing with blue lights, for all the parks, trips, full moons, possums, helicopters.
Do you have a person next to you who is making a surprise specially for you EVERY DAY???

I don't care who may see this...

"I wish I could tell the world cuz you're such a pretty thing when you're done
up properly
I might want to marry you one day if you watch that weight and keep your firm

Dedicated to my dearest possum | Reviewer: Possum | 9/17/2008

"If it weren't for your maturity none of this would have happened"

Being 28, having your life in order, having everything a person would ask for... why did we have to mess it such a adventurous, intense, passionate, lovely way.

We were supposed to be two mature people, having our partners, being colleagues at work... seems like a normal story - but it's not.

Thank you for making me feel alive again, and giving me the best of you.

I wish I could tell everyone about you, but I can't....and it's killing me inside. I guess that's why I'm writing it here - at our song... will continue this...I don't care how "pink" this story could be, but this is our story and i want the world to know what true love is about, and how intense it could be... i doubt someone had felt so many strong feelings in such a short time