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Performed by Alan Jackson

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This Song Got Me | Reviewer: Susan | 1/9/2008

This song is what really got my attention and made me an Alan Jackson fan. Its so real when he says, "And I have cursed it" and "I have wasted" because so many men do not want or reciprocate a woman's love and that's sad for her but at least he recognizes it for what it is even though he wasn't able to give it back. Now I am listening to more and more Alan Jackson songs because I know how real he is and his music is even if he is not referring to himself in the song.

Great One! | Reviewer: debbie cook | 8/6/2007

I think I have heard someone else sing this song a while back. Am I having deva ju or just confused? I still love it, just wondering.

A womans love | Reviewer: Karen | 7/22/2007

This song hits straight to the heart of every listener. I feel loved when I hear this wonderful song.

Fantastic Song | Reviewer: Charles | 6/11/2007

This is one of his greatest works and I love every word of it. He is still one of the best. I can't wait to save up the money to get the CD. It will be wort h it at any price.

a woman's love! | Reviewer: sara | 6/11/2007

Alan Jackson is an American Lion, and he has winner of a song here. it is a simple song, and he puts it across simply. it's all he needs to do to make a perfect deliverance!

Wonderful | Reviewer: Jackson Lover | 5/28/2007

I LOVE ALAN JACKSON!!! The voice of an angel, with his perfect mustache and mullet

i like | Reviewer: justin james | 5/13/2007

i like your songs your the best can i have a pictuter of you

Now THIS is Country! | Reviewer: Mike Wayne | 5/1/2007

What a song! Alan has a stone-cold winner on his hands! Other reviews say the "Rose" album is too soft and not country enough. It doesn't GET any better than THIS! Way to go, Alan!

great song | Reviewer: giselle hultman | 5/3/2007

hi just wanted to say that my best friend and i just love this song, it reminds us of what happens when love fails, when it mentions that i have lost it, she is going through a rough time right now seperated from her husband and divorcing him. but she is in love with this song, Alan your wonderful.
we love you and your songs... G and R from Iowa

One of the best he has done in years | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/2007

I have listened to Alan Jackson for years, and I think this is the best song by far that he has done in several years. This song has real meaning to it, and I am glad that he has had a chance to record a song that is country like this one. This is Real Country.

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