Reviews for Santa Claus (I still Believe in You)

Performed by Alabama

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Review about Santa Claus (I still Believe in You)
------Performed by Alabama | 12/08/2006 10:00:00 AM

"There's still a kid inside of me that still believes you're true"

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This is one of the finest Christmas songs ever written. The sentiment expressed is so perfect. Adults get tired of all the schlock associated with Christmas, but when you see a four-year-old meet Santa again for the first time it's magic!

I love the way the lyric speaks to both life-weary adults and children at the same time. "...I know I've seen you. In sparking little eyes under the tree..." Children remind us to look for the joy in life. If we only believe we can share that joy for just a little while.

"Oh Santa Claus, the kids are tucked in tight
The hour has arrived
It's time to play ol' Santa Clause tonight"

I have listened to this album many Christmas Eves as I waited for the kids to fall asleep so that Santa could come. This song catches that feeling of love that comes from being able to provide a bit of Christmas magic for a child. Oh the anticipation as we prepare for Santa's arrival.

This song is a treasure of children's simple faith and joy. There are many who can not abide the myth of Santa. But in the eyes of childhood, may he live a thousand years!

"Oh Santa Claus, -- I still believe in you."

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