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Performed by Akon

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Funny... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/19/2008

Lol the really funny thing about this song is that alot of people dont know who the 'so-called' 'second-singer' is, cause he's from New Zealand. And even further, that the song is BY "P-Money" Featuring Akon, while the first verse is about Akon, the second is about P-Money. It was made before Akon became really big, which is why most people dont really know lol...

Good song nonetheless xD

about the son keep on calling by akon | Reviewer: mycarlos severino | 8/17/2007

thiz song iz iight akon iz one of ma fav singer he wnt 2 a struggle 2 get from where he iz so the hatter keep on calling

akon rocks | Reviewer: janelle | 6/14/2007

akon rocks! I really like the song keep on calling!and i like the song bartender .I like your part of the song alot! so thats aall i wanted to say ! I LOVE AKON!

Mel | Reviewer: >Melissa | 5/15/2007

Hey I love that song it's brake my heart
when my boyfriend keep's on calling...............

HOT | Reviewer: Kady | 5/2/2007

I think dis song is realli awesome i jus love it alwayz on replay on ma ipod, on ma computer it on ma fone now i jus love it hell yes SO KEEP ON CALLIN! big up mr. africa Akon

u de 2much | Reviewer: uchenna | 2/27/2007

hey,like u song mostly ur lyrics ur vioce ur great its all about africa.....i like u but u dont know.....thumbs up

wel done mate | Reviewer: montana | 2/22/2007

GREAT LYIRCS good at finding lyric mistakes as wel so wel done..i truly am pleased with your work.
I am waiting to c some more of ur great lyric foundations
wel done mate
p.s watch dis sikkk programme called hotel babylon on chanel 1...every thursday...ITS BADDDDDDDDDDDD....dnt watch dt blad its sik..i mean like watch it but, jus watch it
sfe man sik work...
safe licks

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