An ode to all those who've stayed in a hopeless relationship hoping things will get better... | Reviewer: Barbara | 4/27/2006

For a commercial artist, Aimee is damned good, with deeper lyrics and better melodies than most. In this tune, Aimee is approaching it from the angle of the messed-up half of the relationship, warning the one who loves her that it's hopeless and to get out while he can. She's given up on herself; her last concern is for him...that she will drag him down with her. The way that she's given up herself is what makes the song so sad, especially when we can see that the fact that she's a good enough person to not want to take anyone down with her shows that she is neither hopeless nor as "messed up" as she sees herself. There is psychological and moral conflict in it, too...the dilemma of the healthier half of this relationship. Should he accept her honesty and advice or should he take her honesty & caring for his well-being as an indication that this woman is one worth fighting to bring past "zero"? A beautiful, moving track, imho.

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