Reasoning - | Reviewer: † FaLLeN † | 10/24/2007

I for one, love this song, and the film clip. Infact I only found out about the band by watching rage at around 3am.

I must say that it doesnt seem like this is *just another hippy thing crying about war.* I believe if you read into it deeply enough and come to an understanding of the lyrics, you realise that they arent taking any side. It is an open song about war and protest and the pain and bloodshed caused by both. The people and industries alike bleed and suffer. This song is like a story, and the tale it depicts seems to be; War, people are dying, countless lives lost and wasted, and for what? Protesters singing out against it, and making no difference at all. It is something that isn't going anywhere. People singing in protest having no effect, and the war continues to rage on. It isn't a hippy song, nor is it saying grab a gun and join the fun. It's just telling a story of death, destruction and wasted efforts.

awesome | Reviewer: b | 10/1/2007

".or is it another hippy crying about a just war."


i'm pretty impressed that you even know the term "just war" given your completely obvious lack of understanding for it.

the song rules.

ok | Reviewer: raaaaaay | 9/19/2007

a real good sound'n song but is it make'n fun of the modern hippy crybabies protesters...or is it another hippy crying about a just war. but it dose grove..hard core since 1979 punks or not hippy..

great | Reviewer: mike | 8/17/2007

this is one of their best songs, honestly. it is so good it bumps, man. it gives me chills, and i just want to jump around and mosh or something, and scream. and yeah it is a protest song at its finest.

White People For Peace | Reviewer: Thomas | 8/2/2007

What can i say, protest song at its best. A seriously catchy song, one that demands to be sung by thousands of people together. Superb!

heavy | Reviewer: ev | 6/10/2007

by far the heaviest against me song ive heard. makes perfect sence.i watched the video for it and it gave me crazy goosebumps and the most disgusted and pitiful feeling for america. thank you