Reviews for Colt 45 Lyrics

Performed by Afroman

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embarrassed | Reviewer: jon | 12/1/10

I've always liked this song. It's not my favorite or anything, but it has a few lines that make me laugh. Then I got on here and read the comments... dang. I hope liking Afroman doesn't turn me into an idiot too.

this is just a song. | Reviewer: who cares | 11/18/10

okay. the song is funny. whatever but why get on here & criticize the kids saying how f*cked up they are? if they're pathetic then dont worry about it. you're not doing it. if they want to look stupid, let them. who cares. people want to get on the internet anonymously & act big. just in general. dont get worked up over comments. they're not gonna stop whatever they're doing cause you're criticizing them. live ur life & i guess they'll live theirs. blah.

anonymous | Reviewer: anonymous | 11/17/10

Just trying to settle this dispute about everything.16 year old guy that's preaching about sex being sacred: get your Dick out of the stone age. Things have changed, not necessarily for the better but they have changed. Next, everybody and their age. No one gives a shit. I don't need to tell you how old I am. Anyone that is having troubles understanding sex and how old you should be and what happens: find an online resource that's trusted, perhaps a website that is sponsored by a medical institution. You will probably learn the importance of safe sex eg. Condoms, birth control, and what STDS are if you don't already know. In conclusion, good song. Listen to it if you like it, don't listen to it if all you want to do is bitch.

Help | Reviewer: Shawnee | 9/30/10

There's not much I can even say here... It's just all so heartbreaking... Kids having sex at such young ages... Sex is a sacred thing that should be shared between a husband and wife. No one knows this anymore... I am 16 and I know this is terrible. This is what happens when the world rejects God. I guess the only thing to say here is...
God help us.

Drop-kicks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/10

LMAO at the 15 year old kid who is giving the 13 year old shit for listening to the song .. You know you ain't all high and mighty.. Wait until you grow up a bit and you'll find that there isn't much difference between those ages. To all those kiddies leaving these "ooh im 12 and i smoke weed.. etc" comments, come back to this site in 10 years or so and re-read your comments .. honestly you sound soo pathetic

Yall are stupid | Reviewer: jade elisabeth | 8/2/10

Haha I learned this sonq when I was 12 too
me an ma frenz still be singin it and were 16 now haha
good ass song fuk lil kids man tryna be cool
goin on tha enternet sayin they drugs and not a virgin
shit no one gives a fuck about your lil retarded ass
fo reals bet none of yu lil dumbassss have ever done
any drugs n don say oh yeah I do drug I smoked weed once
shiit foo dat ain't even a drug just stfu aiight I'm out
duecess ~jade elisabeth~

Okkk | Reviewer: Kelly <3 | 7/26/10

Okay, you people are fucking annoying. NO ONE gives a fuck if you know this song word by word, or you know what the lyrics mean. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. And once again no one cares how old you are, if your a virgin, and if you smoke weed. Ok? All your doing is making you self look fucking retarded. It makes you look despirate, trying to be cool, and a plain ass idiot. You guys need to fucking shut up your all under the age of 16 and you think your such bad asses. "fuck parents" "I smoke weed everyday all day". NO ONE CARES!!!! And if it wasn't for your parents you wldnt exSist you crackheads, and oh your cool you smoke weed. Ohh yeahh loose some more brain cells that you don't have. Kids you really need to face reality and get a fucking life, your all shot.
Peaceee out niggah,

tunneeeaaagggeeeee xx | Reviewer: rach n gem | 7/17/10

Afroman is a legend and all u lot that have only just come outta nappies know fuck all you prob don't even no what half the fuckin words mean haha don't care all his songs r legend too p.s wer writing this reveiw because we r high because we r high because we r hiiiiighhh .. la la la la la la haha

good song | Reviewer: pothead | 7/15/10

im 15 and i hate alcohol cause weed is better i smoke marijuana all day and i say "fuck alcohol" and smoke my blunt and listen to dis song... and how can a fkin 13 year old listen to dis shit lol!!!!!

fkn amazing! | Reviewer: MY SPOON IS TO BIG | 7/13/10

all the people who dont like this song can go fk themselves. THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING SONG EVER MADE!! jezuz. im a 13 yr old girl and im obssessed with this song! i no all the lyrics! its amazing and who ever disses it, i will BME pain olympics on your ass!

it's a song | Reviewer: Chillout | 6/30/10

omg. ok chillout it's only a song and no one cares if your 12 and you aren't a virgin because wow thats something you want everyone to know and telling us on here just makes you look well pathetic.. it's just a song omg. x

immature kids. | Reviewer: *------* | 6/21/10

okay, im not a parents, but seriously you kids need to grow up & quit arguing over A SONG! its a great song, but seriously, say oh im only 12 & im not a virgin & i do all these drugs..shut up, you make yourself sounds like a fuckin stupid low-life. no one cares about how many drugs you do or how many guys you fucked so do yourself a favor & just shut up already :]

damn.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/10

Freakin epic song! By the way,why is everyone saying they're age and then bitching about the other person who just left a review? Disagree all you like but its only a funny little rap that they made when they were off their heads on weed and 20's so their Is not really a whole lot to fight about.

Dumbass | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/10

I'm 14, and I can admit that this is shit. This might be considered rap, but rap has MEANING. this is just bullshit sex fantasies of a guy tryin to get rich. If biggie was still alive this guy would be workin at kfc. 9 FUCKING VERSES IN A ROW HAVE THE WORD "MET" AND THEN A NAME! tbh is fucking talented songwriting.

Song. Xo | Reviewer: TheComedown. XD | 5/14/10

This song is good to dance to. People jeez want to swear a little more, I don't think we got the point :/. I was twelve when I first heard this song I'm now thirteen. I love this song. I can dance to it all the time. I go to a christain school, and I still love this song. XD

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