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Performed by Afroman

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fucking good song | Reviewer: khaleah smythe | 11/6/13

omg, this song is a good high song man i mean like it is like a sick song smoke weed everyday man like i dont get the hate but seriously i mean its a good tune and if you dont like it dont comment seriously if you really dont like it dont listen to it simple but all im saying is that this song is a really fucking good song and people should seriously stop the hate on afroman because he produced the this good shit and its seriously good shit im out

ITS JUST A SONG | Reviewer: Breanna Howard | 6/19/12

Everybody needs to lighten the fuck up! IT IS JUST A SONG. It is SUPPOSED to be FUNNY that is why it is called the Crazy Rap dude. Rappers have to say shit like this because thats what sells. You think if he was going around rapping about how he was 17 and still a virgin or in college and never does drugs that his shit will sell? If you do then its probably a good thing your job only requires you to do physical exercise and not anything mentally. Plus guess what dude I am 21 years old and I have an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice and going to get my Bachelors in Psychology and Forensic Sciences. When I was 16 I lost my virginity, drank away my memory, popped every pill I could find, dropped acid, smoked pot, snorted a lot of coke, and became addicted to pain killers. But NOW (thats 5 years later in case you can't count) I am with the SAME guy I lost my virginity to (never had sex with anyone else), I am in a treatment program and clean since November, I have a degree, and I am happy and moving forward. I am tired of people saying that because you party when your young your life is over. Its bullshit. Young people have a better chance of realizing their fucking up and changing it than old people. Instead of getting mad at the kids you should get mad at the parents because THOSE are the people that influence them. My mom single handedly pulled me out of my down word spiral not by force but by simply reminding me of where I was heading and pointing out all the differences in me. I like me now and I don't regret doing any drugs because it made me who I am and it gave me insight that a lot of people dont have. Like dont be so ignorant and pissy OVER A SONG. IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY. If you dont like it dont listen to it and MOST OF ALL stop ranting about it on the songs page. IT ISN'T FOR YOUR POLITICS. GO blog or something. AFROMAN IS THE FUCKING SHIT AND I KNOW EVERY SINGLE WORD TO THIS SONG BECAUSE IT MAKES ME LAUGH BITCH! <3 Bre

Someone | Reviewer: NiaaGurl | 3/27/12

- Damnnn This Song Is The Bessssttt Soonnggg Ever !! Smoke Weed Everyday ( : i'Mean If you Dont Like IT Then Why Are You Viewing It In The First Place?!?!!? Tahah Dumb Fucks . Smh

Guest | Reviewer: Precious | 1/18/12

He referred to the women he supposedly met in other countries as ladies and girls but when he began to rap about meeting black women he referred to them as bitches. SMH, so sad and embarrassing! This song is garbage!

Just don't give a fuck | Reviewer: Kyle | 1/16/12

Okay I read a few agreed disagreed laughed but I am here to say I am a university student at university of Alberta I spent the last 6 years smoking weed alright if it makes your brain cells deplete why am I where I am today I ask you truth is weed doesn't kill brain cells look at the project the American government issued in the 70s it has flaws major flaws it actually stimulates your brain letting the free flow of information to pass through I don't drive high or anything but I write all my essays blazed out of my tree and all get 80 or above kids this is not a green light to smoke weed it is a gateway drug and people who are usually involved with cannabis consumption are low lives I stay out of that world and still maintain a great high toke responsibly k little ones

whoop | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/12

i lurve this song AHA
no one has to take this so seriously.... its just a song like so many rappers out there its about sex and weed but i love this style of music and this doesnt mean im a freak :P i like how carefree it is

fuck all yall | Reviewer: coby leiberton | 12/13/11

this post goes out to all you lil cocksuckers. your 13 smokin weed poppin pills n havin sex. listen here chicken shits im 17 still a virgin i dont give a fuck laugh at me if you wanna go right ahead. cause im gonna be laughin at your sorry ass when im in the nba bitches who wants what. now listen i smoke weed theres nothin wrong with that jus wait until your grades start goin down cause all you think your cool smokin this dank shit at a young age. not cool dude. jus wait until your about 16 goin on 17 then start rippin bongs n get yourselves a damn glass blunt pussies. write whatever you want about me you fuckin hater ill see yall later.

IT AIT SO BAD | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/5/11

damn pots been getting a bad rep and im here to tell it like it is. im in class been smoking for 6 years and still making good grades. weed only takes away your motivation if you let it that is the most important thing you need to understand. its better than many legal "drugs" so if your going to do any "drug" smoke weed

GOOD TO EARS :) | Reviewer: jannygirl12 | 8/24/11

who will not agree that having sex is so fun? damn all those who input comments that are not actually fit for this song. just like the old saying, if you don't have anything good to say, don't talk at all. this song has been my long time favorite.. and it's damn full of sense since it portrays the reality of our ages :)kids these days are like that.. not all, but most of them.. i don't smoke tumbleweeds, but I certainly love sex. that's all..

Optimus Prime. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/11

Who gives a shit who smokes weed anymore. If kids want to screw up their own lives, let them. But this song explains my life perfectly, basically because I never learned my lesson yet. And im ok with that.

COLT 45 and 2 zigzags baby thats all we need ;) | Reviewer: Molly&kayla (: | 1/5/11

this song is soooo FUCKING sickk ! and good like who woulda that someone could be so talented making upa song about smoking weed..and drinking beer fuckking love afroman you da shiet ♥ loveyou mang ♥BLAZE ALL DAY ERRDAY S.W.E.D

HA! | Reviewer: Lilay | 1/2/11

This is a good song. A joke song, but a good one. The comments on here are funny too. I'm 15 and i haven't been sober in a week. Literally monday, tuesday, wednsday, thursday, friday, today, and hopefully tomarrow. Im don't know shit about anything but im punk rock and i really dgaf. I'm drunk though not high :( its my downfall.

tdd | Reviewer: Taylor | 12/31/10

Yo,U all sound rediculous, anyway this song is freagin hilarious, but disturbing, but u dont like it dont listen to it, it's old as fuck anyway..I NEVER did drugs or, got drunk in ma life and, Im 16 and, people think Im insane, but know what..Im insanley smart...BITCHEZ!:D

Really ? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/10

Everybody is letting this stuff get to them that badly ? Come on now . None of these little kids said they smoke weed , why are you hating on them ? Not supporting marijuanna , but juss saying . They smoke it the exact same as you do so what's the big deal ? They smash the same way too . . . Get over it . It's our generation , maybe not the best generation but it's the one we have && changing it will be pretty difficult .

chill | Reviewer: lkg,.hbgvhj.v | 12/2/10

just chill. listen to wat u wanna listen to but dnt go around saying u do drugs. if u really like weed then u wont go around preaching about it because thats wat gives pot smokers a bad name. if u like to toke thats fine but keep it to urself because although we believe the herb is ok a lot of people dont, and goin around sounding like a jack ass tlkin about pot an tryin to be a "stoner" isnt cool and its the reason smokeing herb is looked down upon

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