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Performed by Aesop Rock

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A simple observation: | Reviewer: IvySpikes | 6/19/09

While this is obviously a stab at the Repub party, it is also about a specific president. Gee- guess which one? I don't understand how one can point out all the other political bullsh!t while completely ignoring these lines:

"sign of the swine in the swarm
when a king is a whore who comply and conform
miles outside of the eye of the storm
with a siphon to lure out a prize and award
while avoiding the vile and bazaar that is violence and war"

This depicts one with power (standing with his siphon), calmly waiting for his spoils while avoiding the danger and images of war. This is my favorite line, and there is very little room to argue about the picture these words paint...

You don't know Aesop | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/09

This song is clearly a reference to the stance of the Republican Party, it has nothing to do with Presidential aspirations because the song was written in 2007. He names several things that Republicans stand for (immigration, Pro-war) then criticizes it sarcastically and prophesizes what it leads to:

"So when a dog-fight's hog-tied prize sorta costs a life
Their mouths water on a fork and knife.
And the allure isn't right, no score on a war torn beach
where the cash cow's actually beef.
Blood turns wine when it leaks for police,
Like: 'that's not a riot it's a feast, let's eat.'"

The chorus is obviously about George W. Bush's election and Dick Cheney's persistence to go to war. The cane is not a wizard staff, it is a CANE.

"And i will remember your name and face
On the day you were judged by the funhouse cast"

reference to election

"And i will rejoice in your fall from grace
With a cane through the sky like 'None Shall Pass.'"

"I will enjoy it when you're out of office Bush because of Cheney's declaration of war."

Seriously, you guys don't see the signs, maybe it's 'cause I'm a Republican.

...What? | Reviewer: Weave | 5/8/09

This has nothing to do with Lord of the Rings.
And @Ke...vocoder has nothing to do with a code. Vocoder is an electronic device that synthesizes speech. Nothing to do with coding his phrases. If you can't be happy with simple things that you can't relate to him.

Source for Vocoder:

With a Cane to the sky... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/09

This song is very personal to me. I see it as the way most people in charge view people under them, like "none shall pass" And they mess around with the creative types like ha, ha, ha. And Aesop is like... You'll get your's.

meaning? | Reviewer: zak | 12/14/08

to me the song is a concept idea about judgements - both from others and from yourself when you finally see the err of your ways, a big fuck you to following other people and a ton of other shit - but its not about what he's trying to say its all about what you get out of it. i think theres a video on youtube where he describes what it all means if you really wanna know what he was going for

amazing | Reviewer: eric | 12/15/08

actually alot of the meaning has to do with himself being sucked into the world of conformity and him trying to keep his own style, -

"when a king is a whore who comply and conform
miles outside of the eye of the storm"

the other meaning which is pretty cool is the lord of the rings which he is talking on the behalf of gandalf.

Gandalf, dudes, he's even got the beard | Reviewer: Ke | 12/13/08

OK, none shall pass is blatant Lord of the Rings reference (sorry christ boy). With a cane (like the wizards staff) flying thru the sky in a fall from grace. Just like muthafukin' Gandalf. Maybe.

Anyway, the bit that goes:
if you never had a day a snow cone couldn't fix
you wouldn't relate to the rogue vocoder blitz
how he spoke through a no-doz motor on the fritz
cause he wouldn't play roll over fetch like a bitch
and express no regrets, though he isn't worth a homeowner's piss
to the jokers who pose by the glitz.

Is a blast on folk saying his words are nonsense - if you've got a simple life and a simple mind, like a snowcone makes you happy enough to get over a bad day, 'you wouldn't relate to the vocoder blitz'. He's saying his lyrics are twisted up as code, like a cypher, right? And he does this cos he wants to despite criticism - he doesn't 'roll over like a bitch'.

Last bit of a verse combines his modesty, a reference to the housing credit crisis ('homeowner's piss') and a blast to those who think they've got money but in fact ain't got turd ('pose by the glitz').

Pure poetry man. Pure genius. Love that verse.

The view of a german boy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/24/08

Im from germany and for me it is so hard to understand what aesop could mean with his words. For me it is like reading verses of shakespeare. We had to read romeo&juliett in school and there i had my problems too^^. So in my eyes this artist is one kind of a poet you just find one or two in one generation.

bardish spit | Reviewer: gdi | 11/6/08

these lyrics are just another example of aesop evolving as a poet to give the listener, or, reader multiple paths to take towards a meaning....amazing ability to cast his mind in a blurry word paint, such as to outcast no one...

The meaning | Reviewer: Albert | 10/23/08

I see many political references in the first verse. "Flash that buttery gold jittery zeitgeist, wither by the watering hole border patrol" to me, that is a reference to the so called "american dream", the way all the money is flashed around and then people from the poorer countries as a result look at america as the watering hole and try go there to make their fortunes ie. illegal immigrants. The next line reinforces this, "what are we to heart huckabee art fuckery suddenly", wich is a reference to former Arkansaw governor Mike Huckabee, and his political view for his presidential campaign regarding immigration, wich was that they should be a 700-mile border fence built and, border patrol should be increased. This would of course result in many immigrants not being able to get over the border, and they would thus "wither by the watering hole". Even the next line "not enough young in his lung for the waterwing", could be a reference to his former weight, I got this extract from wikipedia, "Huckabee has publicly recounted his previous burdens as an obese man: the steps of the Arkansas capitol from the entrance of the building up to the Governor's office were so long and steep that he would be out of breath and exhausted by the time he reached the top of the stairs; He secretly feared that he would be interviewed by media at the top of the steps, and that he would be too out of breath to respond",(a waterwing needs air to be blown up you see). Then I feel the last part is a reference to the current war on iraq, "eye for an eye by the bog like swamps and vines", could be a reference to the fact that the war on iraq was allegedly started as payback for the 9/11 attacks (eye for an eye), "they get a rise out of frogs and flies", culd be a reference to an old game on the atari called "frogs and flies", where the player controls a frog sitting on a lilly and tries to eat as many flies as possible. The politicians could be the frogs and money could be the flies. "so when a dog-fight's hog-tied prize sorta costs a life, their mouths water on a fork and knife", I feel these last lines reference what he perceives as the governments greed, basically the prize of this war is the oil, and the bush administration doesn't seem to care about the lives of the soldiers lost. (Huckabee supports the war on iraq btw), the lines "and the allure isn't right, no score on a war torn beach where the cash cow's actually beef", would support this, as the reason given behind the war, does not really seem to be true. "blood turns wine when it leak for police like, "that's not a riot it's a feast, let's eat!"" I feel these lines comment on the general blood thirsty nature of today's world in general, and I'm from Rwanda so I know this firsthand. That's what I got from the song, first verse especially, although the "rap game" angle makes loads of sense too, especially when u factor in the 2nd and 3rd verses, and I think that's why he's so good (aside from his abillity to deliver ridiculously wordy verses effortlessly), he fits so many meanigs into his songs, Aesop indeed. This is real hip hop.

proper | Reviewer: wills | 9/6/08

for real
i actually heard this song looking for ringtones for daylight on my girlfriends phone
what a song
instant love with it just aesthetically, love the beat and rhyme
and looking at these lyrics
i can never follow the lyrics in song even after 100 listens
but the lyrics, just try to put words together like that
even without abeat even just reading it, damn, to write like that
aesop lives up to and even beyond his namesake of a storyteller
great lyricist artist and human

Amazing | Reviewer: Brett | 8/14/08

I had to listen to the song about 6 times before I could actually rap along side him, this songs makes it sound like he's at his best.
All rap needs to be like this, something that has a true meaning that can be conveyed to others, not just speaking of random vile words.
But, thats mankind's way, eh?

The Worms | Reviewer: Jamie Feterl | 7/22/08

You know this does have biblical references but I think it also does reflect how society works. In addition to it having biblical references, look at the worms, they are angels...and the rabbit is being carried by the angel worms in an antique hearse....maybe the rabbit is going to be judged with the rest of the people in the line...

Revolutionary | Reviewer: Hero | 4/6/08

Like most people within my age group, I download music. I downloaded this album even. From start to finish this album was so amazing that I special ordered it on vinyl, best investment I've made in years. Phenomenal artist with an amazing way of satirically approaching very prominent subjects.

Aesop- None Shall Pass | Reviewer: Jonnie | 2/12/08

If you've seen the video then it really becomes clear on what he is trying to put across. I don't believe that it is just about the war in Iraq, even though some of the song addresses that issue (When the Cash Cow is actually Beef) meaning that what is deemed to be a profitable option actually isn't.

Aesop is very talented, off the wall and at his best can deliver the most inspiring lyrics in rap. I've tried to rap the lyrics and it is so hard I'll agree with you there.

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