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Performed by Aerosmith

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GO AEROSMITH! | Reviewer: Rocker chick | 8/6/11

Awesome as is with all Aerosmith songs altho rap luvers really owe it to them cuz rum-dmc kinnda made rap really famous and Aerosmith really helped so go Aerosmith for sounding good in any freaken genre out ther (altho rock will always rock d hardest;) cant wait fo d new album I hered they wer doin ther classic sound ! Old school beebeh! Lol tht would sound wiered comen from me sence im only 12 o wel go Aerosmith!!!


Great song, but not exactly my fav | Reviewer: Vincent | 5/4/09

To Becky- Oh, so you saw their gig with Run-DMC with them. It worked out pretty well, considering they hardly had time to practice it.

This song isn't one of my faves, but it definitely is a great song.. Aw, Hell, who am I kidding? ALL of their songs are good, except maybe pandoras box wasn't great.

Live Gig in the Uk | Reviewer: Becky | 8/21/07

All I can say about Aerosmith live is Wow! Saw them at Hyde Park for their first uk gig in what, 10 years? I've been waiting so long to see them, and they didn't let me down one bit. The final song was Walk This Way and a member of Run-DMC was there, it was amazing! Such a great end to a great gig, and I'll always remember it!

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