BucketfullOfWIN | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/10

When I listened to Honkin' On Bobo this was the only song I actually liked. I really disliked the others. Being a huge Aero fan, I was appalled. I later found out it was the only one they actually wrote.

It's kind of a "back to roots" song, and I like it.

It's true | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/10

the only song written by them on their 2004 released Honkin' On Bobo. This song kind of reflects their early works (What It Takes-Pump 1989 & Cryin'-Get a Grip 1993). Lyrical Aerosmith still has their touch

Great song | Reviewer: S.T. | 9/23/04

The only song written by Aerosmith on their new album Honkin On Bobo, The Grind shows that Aerosmith's lyrical capabilites have in no way diminished in their 30 year career. It blends classic blues with classic Aerosmith, and shows the Bad Boys of Boston aren't going anywhere anytime soon.