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Performed by Aerosmith

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Es ist soweit ... | Reviewer: Buscher | 2/4/13

Dieser Song ist bis zum heutigen Tag mein absoluter Lieblingssong von Aerosmith !!!! Und dieses simple Riff geht mir nach über 30 Jahren immer noch unter die Haut ... Geil!!!

sweet emotions | Reviewer: sator | 11/7/10

I've always received as much as possible sweet emotions while listening to this great (if not one of their greatest)piece by Aerosmith..there's no much instrumental or lyrical sofistications in it - the most simple riffs and words ones are the best ones..

GREAT song! | Reviewer: NCS | 7/4/09

This is one of Aerosmith's best, when Aerosmith was Aerosmith and not a Top 40 band. This was during the days of "Dream On" and "Walk This Way," just a great time for them. Then they got soft. Guess it had to do with the drug abuse situation. But the old stuff is the best!!!

FUCK YAAAAAAA | Reviewer: Lathan | 5/5/06

This song is the greatest to cruise too and get drunk too. I give ALL their song fucking 100%

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