new song | Reviewer: cedar camp | 1/1/14

First time I heard this song was 2 days ago. Listened to rocks and toys in the attic alot in my teens. I love discovering these "hidden" gems. This is now my favorite Aerosmith song. Don't like people calling it a ballad. Just a great blues song. Heard they did a blues album. Will try to find it. New respect for Tyler

Still rockin' after all these years | Reviewer: Sammerbug | 12/14/13

You KIDS {30 years & below}, have the audacity to critique Aerosmith's music (past and present), what do you know about Rock n' Roll. Steven Tyler - one of the greatest singers/writers of ALL times, ditto with Joe Perry, and the rest of the band - all of them in their 60's! They were rockin' and topping the charts when you weren't even thought of being embryo! Who else in the music industry can say that after 40+ years can still hit the charts with songs. Exceptions being Rolling Stones and Elton John, but, despite their talent even they haven't hit the charts or toured in a long time. Leave them alone til you can do better!

Currently My Favorite Song | Reviewer: Faith | 10/22/13

First of all, I'm 14. Most people my age have never heard of the musical genius that is Aerosmith. Not my problem. I consider myself blessed actually. Anyway, I've always been against choosing "favorites". That was until I heard Aerosmith. They're my favorite band and currently this is my favorite song. The change up is absolutely breathtaking and leaves me smiling every time I hear it. Instantly cheers me up. Aerosmith is a gift to this f**kin' world. ^^(A)^^ \m/

From the hardest rock to pure sell outs | Reviewer: Paulie E | 12/28/12

Man. This was one of their best albums.. You guys have nailed it. They were pure, truly hard rockers... Then the drugs, then the breakup, then the money grab....
"The money grab" can be defined as them leaving their roots (heavy blues rock) and becoming total panzies for MTV.
I can not and will not listen to any thing from these guys post 1980.

Aerosmith - The American Zeppelin | Reviewer: Jeff | 10/21/12

Before 1985, these guys were rock stars. Then the ballads ruined their hard rockin sound and they became a pop band for chics. Nice job, Aerosmith... you sold out and I'm not talking about ticket sales. I seen these guys in Detroit, where I live, and the entire concert was ballads and pop songs. They did very few classics. The truth is, people for the most part, dont wanna hear " Seasons of Wither." They want to hear "Angel" and all this bands new stuff. They blow now... The 70's are over.

Totaly agree wit u gargoyle | Reviewer: Rocker chick | 8/5/11

Omg thank u! All d mainstream listeners arround me look at me lik im crazy its lik just cuz im 12 I cant listen to good music!? Most mainstream will never stand d test of time (exsept for maby pink shes pretty kol) and its lik wiered tht most of d bands and artists I listen to r much older than me or dead wel I dnt giv a crap ther good and without Aerosmith id b so iratible and Aerosmith is lik my drug wen ppl r depressed some drink some smoke some punch random things I listen to Aerosmith and if I dnt find another aero-freak at my new jh ima scream!


Stands the test of time | Reviewer: Gargoyle | 11/29/10

Their first few albums were very solid indeed. Love this song, melancholy, very 70s feel about it but still sounds great today. 35 years from now I doubt anyone will be able to say that about pop/rock or otherwise disposable crap being released today.

Top 5 all time | Reviewer: Donovan | 7/24/09

I agree with the other review hold heartedly. But I hang on and go watch them every time they come through Atlanta in hopes of the years 73,74,75,76. Seasons of wither is a true classic by Aerosmith. Other favorites of mine are Round and Round, Nobody's fault, Combination, adn Adam's Apple.

By far their best album | Reviewer: Loosecannon | 8/1/08

Personally, this one's in the top 5 all time Aerosmith songs. These guys were pure rock at one time. Sad, that time and a couple of dump trucks of drugs has to take away the innocence. When that's gone, few groups or artist have the resources to become what they once were