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Performed by Aerosmith

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SUPERB SONG | Reviewer: RocĂ­o | 6/12/12

This song is perfect. I wouldn't change anything about it. Every second of the song is sublime. The guitar solo kills me everytime. Brad W is so underrated it gets me mad. Steven's vocals, Joe's playing, Brad's (GUAU), Joey's rhythm and Tom's lines make this piece a legendary one in my collection. I love this one. One of their best.

Aerosmith rocks! | Reviewer: Rocker chick | 8/6/11

I kinnda agree wit u barry totaly on d but the eats on d table part not so sure bout d ear part I bet I will b in a little while tho. Luv ya Aerosmith all I ask is to keep kicken my ass wit yo music!


wrong lyrics I think | Reviewer: Barry | 1/25/11

The true story is that J. Paul Getty III who was son of oil tycoon & billionare Jean Paul Getty,was kidnapped for ransom and his ear was shipped by the kidnappers to show they were serious. Steven Tyler is likely talking about a purse made from J. Paul Getty's "ear" not "and he's here" implying that Getty is worth so much. Also, I've always thought the lyric was "Ma, she's a cookin', BUT the eats on the table", implying that Ma's pretty hot and the 'eats' are secondary. Just some things to think about. Gritty riff, arguably a top 3 Aerosmith song in my book.

Funkosmith | Reviewer: Rizonk | 8/15/09

Aerosmith at their funkiest, mosdef.

An all-around great track, perfect for rocking/rolling the streets to. This is the song I play while rolling down the strip, just to p.o. the hip-hoppers and poppy-preppies.

The Best band in the world | Reviewer: Brandon | 2/9/09

This is probably the greatest Aerosmith song ever. Because it's one that not that many people know. Steven Tyler and Joe Perry are gods. They deserve respect. This song is easy to play and fun to sing. take a look at it. Thank Steven Tyler for having a hot daughter while you're at it.

The definition of classic | Reviewer: Johnathan | 11/27/07

1: Top Quality, generally considered to be of the highest quality or lasting value, especially in the arts

2: Definitive, authoritative and perfect as a standard of its kind

3: Always Fashionable, always fashionable and elegant, usually because of simplicity and restraint in style

And thats why Classic Rock is just better than any other form of rock. I'm in fourth grade, love Aerosmith, my parents got me started on it.

Benn lovin it since I was 6 | Reviewer: Sunshine | 10/25/07

I'm 26 yrs old now, my dad used to rock out on this kind of music, I love it!!! The beat is so freakin perfect. It gets me up and going every morning! Rock on

"keeping it sweet in alabama"

Great Song | Reviewer: Jeremy | 9/17/07

This is a great song, and it is also really fun to play in Guitar Hero II. I get it stuck in my head all the time.

Classic | Reviewer: Tim | 7/29/07

REason why its called classic rock....Cause its CLASSIC ROCK. This is why Aerosmith is ridiculous. This song right here. Yep. Give it a just might like it.

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