close to home | Reviewer: dustin d. | 9/14/13

Hearing.Just listened to this song in peacef/ul North Conway NH. Tonight. It reminds me of where I was and how far I came to get here.Very inspiring.I grew up in theCarver/middleboro area when I was a teenager discovering my rock guys continue to impress me with every thing that you do when each of you come together to create that magic that's only found in that split second.I'm sure my buddy Chris dropped plenty of demos in Joes mailbox."Tryptonite"and he would be happy to know,although the boys parted musically,they still play around our area.So yup...I kinda know what I'm

The Best | Reviewer: Izzy Sleazze | 4/17/12

Steven Tyler is simply one of the best singers/songwriters ever.
I've finally mastered his screams and it's awesome :)
I encourage you to do the same!
:) Have fun

I totaly agree with anonymate | Reviewer: Noor | 7/24/11

luv this song LUV LUV aerosmith I mean im so obbsesed my friend says its unhealty lol but wen we turn 18 well b kissin our deppresed past's goodbye! (and no our deperition isnt becuz we cant go to partys or about loveless relationships we hav real reasons)


beatiful | Reviewer: anonymate | 1/3/08

i have only one word to describe this song, & it's beautiful. i love aero (L). & , they have the best songs i can ever heard ♥