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Performed by Aerosmith

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Once and once again... | Reviewer: Erkek | 1/3/09

This is the kind of song that deeply marks your life. There's a difference between the past and moment I heard it, it makes you remind a lot of things that not necessarily has something to do with the girl of your dreams... but specially with dissaponiting moments and hard stages in your life. I actually had heard it as a child, without paying any attention to whatever it said.Today I was searching for its lyrics and I've spent close to 10 hours listening the song and watching the video once and once again. Aerosmith is coming to Venezuela next month, and I guess that there's another heavy reason not to miss this great concert!

Great song... no more.


Dimitri, i am sorry | Reviewer: caterina | 10/7/08

my boyfrend listened to that song some days after i had an abortion-aerosmith was a group anyway he knew well!-.
I knew he was not really fond of me those days because hiw heart was really broken.
The truth is i do not know if he is ever going to be fond of me again.All i can do is wait tom see.

I can imagine him singing to me the words:
"Take a walk outside your mind
Tell me how it feels to be
The one who turns
The knife inside of me"

Dimitri, if you ever read this i did not mean to heart you at the time. I just did not think we were ready .Still love you

This song made me Stop and THINK! | Reviewer: getsteppin | 9/14/08

Ive been thru Detox/NA about 10 years ago. At the time I had this empty spot, RIGHT in the middle of my spine and stomach. It was as if a wind of any strenth could just blow me over or in 1/2, or both. I mean to tell you, for 17 years after I returned from Kosovo which was a 90 day tour, while in the U.S Army in W. Germany for 46 monthes, I was one screwed up individual, in denial even about my own identity 'cause I didnt Know Who I was, really. I attempted to fill that "Hole" with everything and any thing I could smoke or drink, lived like that for those 17 years. My wife Loves me so much, she helped see me and herself thru it all.
Didnt quite catch the lyrics to this song on the first bounce. It was some time later....monthes, I heard it again, caught most of the Lyrics and began to cry as Ive not cried as long as I can remember.
Then I realized what I'd been carrying for atleast the past 37 years was a broken heart. Iam also a Nam vet,FEBRUARY21,1973-APRIL6,1974 lost a brother there 22 monthes earlier along with a cousin in 1965 of whom both names are on the wall. I came home, tho.
I heard the song one more time, and still cried my eyes out, I was driving my car and had to pull over.
Ive told this story to my therapist, he said it was a stepping stone to me, myself, getting an answer.
Thank you Areosmith, You helped in saving my Sanity.
By the way, The Hole is just a a Scar now, of which I know will never go a way. Its different style, type, somthing different living now for the past few years.
Thanks Once again and if you dont mind, Iam copy pasting the Lyrics to "Thers a Hole In My Soul" to my Hard Drive, in a Folder "EMERGENCY KIT".

I appreciate You

Bentonville, Arkansas U.S.A

What a great song ~! | Reviewer: Arslan Dawood | 8/9/08

I've never heard such an emotional and heart broken english song ..
If anyone understands Urdu ,,, the most heart broken song is " yeh duniya yeh mehfil mere kam ki nahi " in english " this world this place is worth nothing to me "

Emotional powerhouse performance | Reviewer: Rex Range | 4/22/08

I think this is one of the most devastatingly heartfelt songs ever recorded, packed with more raw emotion--down to Tom Hamilton's bass lines (!)--than I can ever remember in any rock song. What a beautiful piece of musicianship by all of them.

Awesome Song | Reviewer: DarthAnger | 3/12/08

I like this song. It reminds me an old friend I used to feel something for and she broke my heart.

End of the music vid | Reviewer: Pigzig | 1/4/08

yeh but at the end of the music vid, its the girl creating the guy who's creating the girl... if i remember correctly. Interesting twist, and awesome heartfelt song indeed

AERO LOVE | Reviewer: meeemi | 5/21/07

i love them (L)
and.. now.. i here at this song (L)
and it's so beautiful.
i just can't stop of singin it (L)

right!!! | Reviewer: tamerlane | 3/23/07

I think it's all right...I pretty like the video, cuz even if it's quite paradoxal, I found it moving...

great song

Great Song..Odd Video | Reviewer: shana | 7/11/05

I absolutely love this song. Great lyrics, and I find it really catchy. But if I recall...the video is really weird! It's a geek and he "creates" his dream girl of something...At least I'm pretty sure that's the same video! lol

good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/04

this song is very good and you can tell it is very heartfelt and deep

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