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Performed by Aerosmith

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Blast This Song | Reviewer: Michael | 3/10/10

Gotta say this is one of those songs that's an instant pick-me-up! Sick? Blast this song! Failing all your classes? Blast this song! Being attacked by a giant piece of bacon while it fights Gir from invader ZIM and Quagmire from Family Guy floats overhead going "Giggedy, Giggedy, Giggedy, Giggedy, Goo!"? If you don't blast this song you're crazy!
Btw: I know this is old but has anybody noticed in guitar hero 3 that the singer kinda looks like a cross between Steven Tyler and Axl Rose? Just wondering....

CLASS!!!!! | Reviewer: XsnoozeX | 1/10/10

Firstly, dont understand how Steven Tyler would have time to talk on a website like this, but yoo if it is and apologies!!! Secondly this song is proper mint!! And quite hillarious when you read the lyrics, Would be even funnier if ya saw something like this happen!! hehe x

LOVE IT! | Reviewer: Babs | 9/21/09

Love this tune, no matter where i am when this comes on I always bop to it, have to say its ONE of my favorite song's, but my all time fave has to be PINK!! have loved it since my early teens, I even got my brother's into it.
Steven Tyler you ROCK!!! xoxox

My Favorite | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/29/09

This is my favorite Aerosmith song. I was at Jones Beach 6/26/09 and was disappointed that it wasn't played. But it was the most AMAZING concert ever. Steven Tyler was fantastic. Everyone should go see them if you can.

My Wife Looks Like A Dude! | Reviewer: George Gollin | 6/28/09

My horse faced wife Melanie wears mens' clothes and looks like a dude--an ugly dude at that. My daughter is a lesbian and writes mean things about me in her blogs. I am a physics genius and teach at UIUC, but I'd rather be taking it up the chimney from my pal Alan Conteras.

My Absolute Favorite Aerosmith Song! | Reviewer: Fred Deuel | 6/28/09

This is my favorite song by Aerosmith and one of, if not, my favorites of all time! At my senior prom back in may, I requested this song and my friend Paul and I were air-guitaring to it, it was EPIC!!

Aerosmith forever!

hey... | Reviewer: erin | 6/25/09

If this is really Steven Tyler i can't wait for Aerosmith to come to Seattle on tour w/ZZ Top, but i'm too broke to get tickets. Yeah, it sucks. Anywho this has been my fav song by you guys since i was three (about 11 yrs). Its the best tune by you guys that they play on KZOK, our local classic rock station. My dad still remembers his cousin getting Toys in the Attic when it first came out. The ironic thing is we saw the CD in blockbuster yesterday and he bought it for me. Anyway this is a hella good tune and i love your band. Keep on rockin, dude.

If it is Steven Tyler | Reviewer: zewoldt | 6/16/09

If its really Steven Tyler and thats one of your favorits then why is it the only song you don't have on Guitar Hero Aerosmith. Plus, was 'I don't want to fuck you lady, I just want to eat your sandwich' ever recorded.

Aerosmith | Reviewer: Steven Tyler | 6/13/09

Yes yes I am the real singer of aerosmith and I've got to say this song is one of my favorite songs our band has ever come up with. Andf I want to thank whoever put these lyrics up there. Rock on and check out our oncoming tour where we will play dude looks like a lady dudes.

-Steven Tyler Aerosmith

aerosmith | Reviewer: Steven Tyler | 6/13/09

Yes I am the lead singer for aerosmith And I just want to say this is one of my favorite songs. And I want to thank whoever put this song on here and you rock

-Steven Tyler

.. | Reviewer: Lincoln Rourke | 12/26/08

Steve Tyler and Vince Neil were in a restaurant where all the waitresses were dudes, Tyler muttered under his breath "Dude looks like a lady". Vince thought Tyler was referring to the waitress dude, but he was referring to Vince. Tyler took the song title and sat down with Desmond Child and they wrote the song in an hour and 45 minutes. Fucken Good song, most notable to some for featuring on Mrs Doubtfire haha

Sooo Cool | Reviewer: Ellabear | 10/11/08

I luv this song i went on the ride at disneyland three times in 4 days i knew all the words by the end of the holiday and couldn't get the song out of my head i llllluuuuuuvvvvv iiiitttt!!

Epic | Reviewer: Anon | 5/20/08

It's not because Vince Neil was "Pretty" you scum, it's because Motley Crue started most of their sentences with "Dude!" and Eventually "Dude! Looks like a Lady" Came up.
And the song was originally supposed to be "Cruisin' for a lady" So stick that in your Juicebox and Suck it..

this rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: joshua | 1/23/08

this song was written about vince neil because he was a dude but he looked like a lady.I would rate this song 20 points.

Dude (Looks Like A Lady) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/08

I am currently reading nikki sixx's diaries of a heroin addict and he even said this song was about vince neil which i did not know until i started reading his book. it's really interesting, all the things you here secondhand about music, then you hear it from damn near the horse's mouth. there are some other really interesting things about lots of other big names in his book.

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