Is she the new McCartney? | Reviewer: Joe H. | 3/11/12

I'm 58 years old and a lifelong musician. I haven't been this excited about a new pop artist since Meet The Beatles came out at the end of 1963. Her lyrics, her sense of melody are refreshing, and has renewed my faith in popular music. And then there is her voice, not the greatest singing voice to ever be heard, but still completely mesmerizing. She knows her craft, it's not as accidental as she relates. Her next album will have a tall order to fill.

amazing | Reviewer: yashar | 11/10/11

first song i heard, was rolling in the deep. that was amazing, unbelieveably great. then i talked to my friends about adele and one of them gave me her album "21" and that was a very beatiful surprise :)
all of songs and (specially) lyrics are amazing and amazing and amazing...

I love your music | Reviewer: Ildefonso | 11/8/11


I am from Brazil. Just today I knew about you. I have heard your song before, but I thought was the other singer. I surprise to know you. You are so beauty and great talent.

I would like to know some day. Please! Come to Brazil and make a show in GoiĆ¢nia.


Thank you so much!

adele is amazing . | Reviewer: amandi<33 | 7/19/08

adele is one of the most amazing writers/singers .
her voice is unbelieveable , her lyrics are great .
she really is a poet .
her songs have so much meaning & anyone can relate . she is awesomeeee ! her album is a GREATTTT album .