Touches me | Reviewer: Trisha | 9/16/10

I lost my darling oldest grand daughter Meghan a year and a half ago. Her 22nd birthday is coming up in October, and I want to make a photo video in memory of her special day. This song seems to be perfect to honor her. I miss her so much.

This song always makes me cry | Reviewer: Tracy R | 8/19/10

I have a beautiful 2.5 year old daughter and another on the way and I can't hear this song without crying! I try so hard to remember every little thing about her at every stage because it goes so quickly and I know when she's grown, I will feel like I'd give anything to go back to what I have now. It's so hard knowing that it's fleeting and this song captures that feeling perfectly.

Never even came close (to slipping through my fingers) | Reviewer: Colin Carrington | 8/13/10

From the word GO she was my daughter, my best friend and the best little angel a father could ask for. As a child we had the greatest fun together a father and daughter could possibly have, in her university days we were never a phone call apart and now approaching 30 she lives and works in London 300 miles away but that doesn't mean a thing.

We both always remember the happiness we created for each other and always do our best to continue it every time we meet up.

Slipping through my fingers was the topic this morning on BBC Radio 2 with Chris Evans, I had to have a wry smirk when I said to myself, 'That doesn't concern me one little bit'

it touched my heart and it always does whenever i listen to it | Reviewer: sherly | 6/2/10

im 18 now and ive already decided to paly this song on my wedding!! thats sounds funny but its one of the best songs ive heard and i always remember my mom when i listen to it and im gonna play this song for my wedding ;)

Slipping through my fingers | Reviewer: Sisanda | 5/21/10

I first heard the song from Mama Mia, perfomed by Meryl and her daughter. I just loved it. I didn't know that it is perfomed by my favorate Abba. There's something about it. Now its' the one I sing every morning.

Time Gone By | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/7/10

I've been trying to get back to my family for seven years, and, after getting back, this is the first song I heard. It makes me so sad to think of all the time I lost watching my little girl grow up, but hopefully, I can make some of it back up to her.
ABBA is the best.

Still Daddy's girl - I hope | Reviewer: Proud Dad | 4/26/10

My wife and I divorced 13 years ago. My daughter was on 15 months and I really thought that we would have a strained relationship. On the contrary, we grew quite close and I have cherished every moment with her and her older brother. Now they are teenagers, still my pride and joy, but I am realising that she is slowly making her own way in the world. Every time I listen to this song, I look back and remember with gratitude all they have meant to me - but aware that they are making their own lives. I am sad, but so proud of them. She will always be "Daddy's girl".

Thanx for the song | Reviewer: little darling | 4/13/10

This song always makes me cry. Now I live in Moscow. It is far far away from my home-town and I have not any possibility to visit my family. I know that they miss me, especially my Dad. I'm 17 now, and he cannot believe that I've already become a grown-up. He still considers me a little girl. Sometimes he cries...
"Some of that we did but most we didn't, and why I just don't know"... I am on the verge of tears.

Please read this in support x : | Reviewer: To my mom | 4/1/10

my mommmy died when i was 5, she never saw me grow up, she never saw me go to big school or collage. She just went- cancer it was :/ Please...anybody who can give money to a cancer charity please do , it makes all and every difference. Maybe if one person donated just a little more money than a dollar, my mom would have seen me do all the things i got to do. Please- it helps little souls like mine. I miss you mom i love you forever, even if you arnt there to see me grow. xxxxx

beautiful | Reviewer: tada | 3/30/10

I am far away from home and cannot go back for some reasons for 2 yrs.
The first time in my life that I haven't seen my mom such a long time. I know how she's missing me and trying not to let me know that.
When I think of her feeling, I become very sad. I never wanted to make mom feel sad, but in fact i did.
Every word in the song reaches my heart. I thank that I can meet such a beautiful song and beautiful artists.

Beuatiful | Reviewer: Silver | 2/4/10

I met a wonderful man and we are to marry this year. He has a 16 yera old daughter. We have bonded soo wonderfully over the past 2 yrs. I am away from them and when i first heard this song..I thought of her. It moved me to tears. I realised i don't have to be her birth mother to feel the emotions of a mother. And yes she IS slipping through my fingers. She's all grown up and is such a beautiful person inside out. Thank you ABBA for this wonderful song. It takes me closer to my daughter with the hope of making most of the time i have with her. I love you kiddo :)

My little angel | Reviewer: Tafseer | 1/23/10

I try to capture every minute The feeling in it. She is five now, beutiful and intelligent.I know I am losing her because I will not live for long with my health.I do not miss breakfast with her and the time she leaves for school. She is a precious gift of God.
I am also life long fan of ABBA. Thanks to all four of you for adding music in my life.

It's one of those songs... | Reviewer: Joy | 1/20/10

I have been a life long ABBA fan and this song is their best. It is so powerful and yet so simple. I stand in awe of the talent they had to right something so poignant it seems to effect everyone who hears it. Today is my daughter's 18th Birthday. She is a woman now - you can never relive the past - it just slips through your fingers..

spot on | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/10

I am mummy to a 6 yr old (going on 13 ) and she says or does thing and i wonder " when did she hear that? " or "when did she learn this?". and i feel proud and sad that she knows what she does and i dont knw when she knew it. What else have i missed? what else am I missing. "the odd melancholy feeling when she goes to school?" spot on!

Thank you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/10

Sure it was the will of the God that ABBA appeared in Sweden and that they found each other for giving us such a wonderful songs. Here in Russia I have a feeling that there is no border or national barrier for their message directed to the hearts of all people everywhere. Thank you, thank you, thank you...