nothing will ever compare | Reviewer: Diane | 7/20/08

love of a mother and child(daughter)
As a single parent of a daughter..Just newly married to a wonderful young day she was with me, the next she's married living far a way....and I still wanted more time...and I miss her....I so appreicate...just a few minutes on the phone or any bit of staying in her life, any reminder of US!
However I wouldn't have any other way, her story has just begun....I love her!

nothing like it | Reviewer: Diane | 7/20/08

The love of a Mother n Daughter...My dauhgter..almost 20..Just married a wonderful young man...has a beautiful life in front of her ..our story is ending but their 's is about to start!...I wasn't ready to let her go but I knew I had no choice...also no regrets....she is my greatest creation....sort of mine! lol..I miss her ..alot!

Poignantly heart tugging | Reviewer: Paul | 7/15/08

This is a beautiful song and it is poignantly heart tugging.It really pulls at the heart strings.I remember hearing this song for the first time when I went to see the stage play of Mama Mia and it gave me a lump in my throat.The song also features in the movie version of Mama Mia and it is sung beautifully by Meryl Streep.I get emotional every time I hear it.A great song from Abba and one of their best.I think that it should have been included on one of the 2 Abba Gold discs because its a great song.

slipping through my fingers | Reviewer: anon abba fan | 7/13/08

this song makes me cry, as my mum and me fell out yrs ago as she left me as a child and she has lost a good thing and i feel like emailing this song to her to remind her, as she never wants to get in touch it makes me realise she aint bothered and that makes me very sad at what we are both missing out on, it just needs a little work, and something thats free to give and recieve LOVE

True in my life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/08

My daughter is 15 and I remember I just brought her home yesterday. She's in love with a wonderful guy. I know she is leaving me sooner than I think. I feel her slipping thru my fingers. I try to let go and it's so hard. I love her, I need in my life but I have to remember that it's her life now and will continue to be. Why do they grow up so fast. I miss her already and she hasn't even left. She doesn't even know how much I love her. She is my angel and always will be. I love you so much, I wish you didn't have to leave.

A happy time.... | Reviewer: beauregard fielding | 6/5/07

I was 16 when I first heard this song and have always loved it. Very poignant and resonant ABBA song. When it played in Mamma Mia and the very first time I experienced it in this show, I was unable to contain my brought back such delicious memories of a happy time.

divorce | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/07

I know this song is about their daughter, but when I hear it I can't help think it's about Bjorn losing it just me ?

Memorable song | Reviewer: Marvin | 4/26/07

Slipping Through my fingers is one of the most sentimental songs of Abba, is so deep and so real. Is a wonderful piece and shows how big ABBA still is.

A memorable song | Reviewer: Marvin | 4/26/07

Slipping Through my fingers is one of the most sentimental songs of Abba, is so deep and so real. Is a wonderful piece and shows how big ABBA still is.

Slipping Through My Fingers - it's perfectly true. | Reviewer: Jasmine | 9/7/05

I'm a passionate Abba fan, and I was a teenager in the late seventies and the early eighties when your success was at its height.

Today, "Slipping Through My Fingers" has a deeper meaning to me. Where is the time going, and did I achieve what I decided? Did I succeed as a mother? "Well, some of that we did, but most we didn't, and why I just don't know." You have a lot of visions and great intentions, you just can't get it all done, because a day and night only have 24 hours. Suddenly some day your children are full-grown and have children themselves. That means, you're getting older yourself. Scary, isn't it?

Well done, Agnetha, Frida, Bjørn and Benny - like all your other stuff