Depth and meaning | Reviewer: Bridget | 9/24/08

I have finally found the courage after watching this lovely film and hearing "Slipping thru...." to go and find my daughter's father. After 18 persistant years of dispute, he's agreed to a DNA test, but so what, the film is about mother and daughter, and that's what my life and hers is about. I truly adore and appreciate her now and will never "let precious time go by" ever again. With or without a father. As Donna said. "I wouldn't have had it any other way"

too hard | Reviewer: miguel | 9/17/08

this is me letting go...
I'm 21..Portuguese straight guy..parents divorced since before I remember (almost)..I've known this song for longer than I know how to speak and write in this language..earing it makes me cry instantly..
the reason..I believe is the mixed feeling of love and hate for them..remembering they're horrible words and actions against each other through me..
I'm proud for being a balanced guy..great grades since forever lots of intelligence..I can face any problem face to face..I'm kind for friends and neighbours..try to be the best person I know..I really do..
but this music makes me feel all that I know I should give back to my parents and continue to help them to go through their own bad moments (menopause and stuff both in their 50's) but I just don't want to..they feel too repugnant and repulsive..and some other times I just feel sorry for them and come around and try to listen..I'm a good listener..
but is just too hard all this that I feel
(not much of a talker least not about me..but I write because I know that no one will read least not this far..)
c ya

Sung with such passion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/08

I absolutely love this song! When I hear Meryl singing it it really touches me. She has a beautiful voice. I'm just glad that my Son is only three. It really puts things into perspective. I'm going to make the most of everything. Mamma Mia is absolutely fantastic! I've seen it three times, next will be the sing along at my local Cinema in a week. The best film I've seen in ages. Love everything about it.

that's it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/08

I watched this movie together with my mom and this song was so touching. I'll have my wedding next year in spring and we both felt the truth of the lyrics. Absolutely reflects real emotions. Simply beautiful.

Yes, yes! | Reviewer: Chris | 9/1/08

Both of my daughters are currently living far away and I shared the same experience as you did while watching the movie yesterday. Had never heard the song before and went from enjoying the fluffiness of the movie to sitting there with tears streaming. Even when they were little, I had the sense of time moving so quickly and knowing their childhoods would be over before I knew it. A very good song. I'm going to look for it among the others from the show.

A knot in your throat | Reviewer: Lauren | 8/26/08

It really shows the true emotions of a daughter and mother. It is a fantastic song which i haven't heard before. It should be played more often after the movie i'm sure it will be because i know alot of people who really love it.
Really knotted my throat. Brilliant.

slipping through my fingers | Reviewer: sammy | 8/22/08

i love this song , it brings tears to my eyes , when i watched mama mia twice both times it made me cry , even though i knew what was expected! , meryl is a wounderful singer and she sings this song perfectly. i loved the film its proberly the best movie ive seen in ages . well this song is amazing , cherish every moment in life as best as you can , life is worth having fun! amazing song and movie , everyone who hasnt seen it has to go and see it!! anyway great song as i keep saying. proberly the best song ive heard in ages ,

Slipped through my fingers!!! | Reviewer: Lynda | 8/21/08

A wonderful song any mother could have written. They hold your hands for awhile but your hearts forever. A very moving song that touches everyone who hears it. My daughter has moved away to be with the love of her life-sometimes the pain is unbearable but I know she will always be mine. Let them fly and they will return!

Tom | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/08

It's not only mothers who suffer 'empty nest syndrome' I still do, two years after my eldest married a wonderful man. I find it incomprehensible that I did not know of this poignant song until now, but I found it beautiful and deeply moving, cherish childhood while you can.

true words spoken | Reviewer: marion bates | 8/6/08

when I heard this song in the film I was glad the lights were out as it made me cry because the words are so appropriate to our children as childhood is so short . All the things you mean to do, but life gets in the way

Slipping through my fingers | Reviewer: carla s | 8/4/08

Same for me - I love ABBA - never heard this song til the movie - i have no daughters just a son - and my eyes teared - what a beautiful song Streep did - all you have to be is a mother!

two sides of the coin...... | Reviewer: Janice | 8/1/08

I cried my eyes out when I saw the musical "Mamma Mia" as both a daughter and a mother. I lost my mum 6 years ago and the song made me think of the relationship we had and how much I love & miss her, it also made me think of how much I love my daughter and how she is growing up quicker than I can handle. I have saw the film twice and cried when Meryl Streep sung the song so beautifully and I can't listen to it without hte tears absolutley wonderful beautiful song.

Such a beautiful song | Reviewer: Pam Ritchie | 7/30/08

Could not believe I hadn't heard this song until going to see the film Mamma Mia. I lost my beloved mum this year and it brought back all the lovely memories of the times we had spent together. All you ladies out there look after you daughters and mothers.

Great song | Reviewer: Blanca | 7/28/08

I've been an ABBA fan for so long and I can't believe i never heard this song!!! I absolutely loved it. I heard it while watching the movie (which i watched with my 13 year old daughter) and i couldn't help but get choked up as i thought about her future and all the wonderful things in store for her. Awesome!!!

A real choker! | Reviewer: Denise | 7/24/08

I went to see Mamma Mia with my six year old daughter today. I got all choked up when this song began I had never heard it before. i looked towards my dtr and saw two very wet cheeks and asked her if she wanted to sit on my knee which she did. She then cried her heart out for ten minutes as I stroked her hair. It was the tenderest moment we have ever shared.
A deeply beautiful and moving song.