successfull group | Reviewer: kenneth | 1/19/08

Anyway from the begining to the end of AABA as a group it was a success so thanks be to ABBA for the sweet and unbeatable music.If the group has disbanded,their relationship never stop since they are still communicating together.
A very big bravo to the men they did not allow women gossip to stop their ambition to achieve great ABBA.They are really great men to be recognised.

Eagle | Reviewer: joseph | 12/8/07

I love all the songs of abba. always i am hearing the songs everyday. I would like to know the whereabout of them. when i am hearing thinking of my childhood.

Their songs got in your DNA | Reviewer: Kevin Salem | 11/21/07

I am now thirty six years old but remembered their songs when my dad was playing it. Man, these guys are truly amazing. My favorites are also SOS and Waterloo. I guess it's true when they say, "All good things come to an end."

I love you guys and always will. What's funny is I am a metal head who still listen to heavy metal and even death metal. But talent is talent. If you have it and if you can make something sound good, show it.

I am a marionette | Reviewer: maja | 10/29/07

i am 18 and i am very sad that people dont know that abba even exist.i am from croatia and nobody listen that kind of music.there is no word that i can describe feeling when i listen abbas songs,but if you listen abba you know what am I talking abbas songs - slipping through my fingers,i am a marionette,i am the city, lovers,lovelight,disillusion,crazy world...theres no enough space to write all their songs...kiss abba and thank you for the music!!!

memorial band | Reviewer: queen | 8/7/07

i am from ethiopia
oh what i am say it abba that is still wonderfull band in the world they give it as a big memory to as by the way i am 17 years old but my dad always tell me about them
i love gimme gimme song i do't no dome day i will covert by my country languge and i wann to sing again if god say to me!!!!!!!

ABBA | Reviewer: Amber | 8/4/07

ABBA is a great band from the 1970's to learn about. Im actually doing a review on them at the moment for school and they are terrific people and their music is ever better!

ABBA needs revival | Reviewer: BRJ | 6/8/07

it is high time, today's youngsters start singing ABBA tunes when market is crowded with trash music.

About the artist/band ABBA | Reviewer: Wisjnusudigbio | 5/1/07

I am 57 old almost the same age with Agnetha . I have some collections of most ABBA songs, both in cassete/CD recorder or in VCD/DVD recorder. For me, The ABBA seemly still exist ! Unfortunately I am very lack of information about the existing condition of the group member such as their present personal life , healthy , Living address , family and present activities. Would you please send me some informations concerning those matter ? Or please send me their Autho Biography (if avaialable) as a remembrant ! Thank You in advance !

Gimme!! | Reviewer: empire | 2/16/07

have you got any history about song called: "Gimme Gimme Gimme"?? I would like to know why it was made and how,, :P:P:P thanx!!!

the great | Reviewer: diana | 2/9/07

i am only 12 yrs but i still love abba. i am the biggest fan of best song is WHEN ALL IS SAID AND DONE and S.O.S + BANG A BOOMERANG.PLEASE IF SOME ONE GETS THE EXACT INFORMATION ABOUT HOW THY SPREADED , PLEASE SEND IT TO ME...........THANK YOU

dancing queen | Reviewer: danielle | 7/30/06

i love love love this song and i absolutly love the band i wish they would get back together