Heavenly | Reviewer: Iyi Osagie | 5/2/11

The Abba sound is simply a touch of heaven. It just fills you with so much unbelievable harmony, that much unlike other nice songs, one just never gets tired of it. The tracks - The winner takes it all (A personal favourite), Thank you for the music, Chiquitita, kisses of fire, Fernando, Our last summer, I have a dream, are so so melodic. I also love "If it wasn't for the nights (surprisingly not very popular) & does your mother know, amongst so many other favourites. Comforting to know they ended on a musical high.

ABBA.... The Greatest Band, ever. | Reviewer: Ranjan | 4/12/11

I am a abba fan. I grew up on music from my childhood. But listening to ABBA was different. Even today, I enjoy the songs of ABBA. Fernando, Thank you for the music, money, money,money, .. you name it , I love it. Its a pity that ABBA broke. Hope there will be a reunion.

fernando/our last summer | Reviewer: idong livinus | 12/27/10

fernando and our last summer give me this feeling of fresh beautiful
reflection.de strumming of de guitar,de sound of de drum and taking a retrospection of the memories of my company with my families and friends make de songs so real.abba songs make me fill happy always and in my joy,i thank God for bring such group for my happiness.

I have a dream. | Reviewer: Bernard Charo | 10/19/10

This song has given me motivation and energy to go on in life despite the ups and down for each one has a dream to fulfill in life.I heard the ABBA songs since I was a young boy and to date I like their songs.

my music ABBA | Reviewer: hilary basil | 10/14/10

i have always heard dancing queen when i was 10 but i never knew the artist until early last year when a friend of my gave me the album ABBA GOLD. since then i listen to abba more than any other song.
well done abba my God Bless u for the joy you bring to me when ever i listen to your songs.
thank you

I love this group since I heard the song... | Reviewer: Paula Ng Siew Fong | 1/16/10

Well, I heard the '' Dancing Queen'' song been published at the radio. I loved it since the 1st time I heard it. I have a collection of ABBA songs too. My favoutites were MAMMA MIA, DANCING QUEEN and I ahve a dream..

Indonesia love ABBA,and all over the world too. . | Reviewer: Dian Ayu Rohani | 1/3/10

ABBA,i love u full. . .Since I was 10,my great idol is u,ABBA. .dont know why, i have some chemistry to ur musics and ur profile..Hope ABBA would be comeback in some one and only concert or recording or film,he he. .Or whatever all ur fans could see again ABBA's recent performance. .I miss u,ABBA. . .Though,u have vacuumed so long,u always in world's soul forever. .

most best songs ever from abba is all of them | Reviewer: Candace | 7/13/09

well i am young lady but the first time i heard there music when i was 12 years old then i started to listening to there music and i like all there music. and i am 21 now i still listening to there music no matter what how old the band is. i love abba always

even im in a new generation... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/09

ok....even im in new generation now with full of new songs i still want abba songs they are really awesome wow!!! i have never seen group like that...i hope i can be like them and see them at this moment of my life...

this is real music!! | Reviewer: wilfred j. paul | 2/23/09

I am a North American Native Indian, living in Eskasoni Cape Breton Nova Scotia. I've been involved in the music field for over 40 years and I've never heard such sweet music as ABBA! from rocking beats to heart felt music, ABBA can and will take you there and back. Having being exposed to variety of music from heavy metal to blues, ABBA is my number one music to listen to. my favorite is "I have a dream" much like Martin Luther King Jr. It's a shame that such talent goes by the way side. The best thing to come out in a long time is the movie, Mama Mia, ABBA all the way. Thank you ABBA for giving us this fantastic voyage through time to enjoy your music, may God bless you and once again,,,thank you very much!!

I loved Abba always | Reviewer: jan | 1/27/09

Hi I've always loved Abba & listening to there music ,I remember when I was a teenager listening to there music & you know what I still listen to them , So hear to Abba thank you for giving your enjoyable songs your music I'll never forget you,

What i think of ABBA | Reviewer: Alessandra capaldi | 12/2/08

ABBA are one of my favourite groups their, songs are absolutly fantastic and i love them.The songs that they have writtten have been so amazing because when ever i hear them i get this chill that runs through me, especially when i hear 'Thank You for the Music', im not sure why but it makes me think what the world would be like without music and it's not a great world so when ever i hear that song i know that we should be happy to whoever invented music because whoever it w as is a saint. ABBA'S music has recently been sung in the movie version of Mamma Mia the musical and i cannot stop watching it because the songs bring the movie to life. the songs are so happy and cheery and i and most other people can really relate to them.The songs are magical and bring out something in me that i didn't know i had. Thank you so much ABBA i will always listen to ur music even when i am older.
Alessandra Capaldi

best songs,best albums-abbba group | Reviewer: maganiko | 5/22/08

it was in the early 80s,when I was in high school ,visited my brother in Daressalaam,found him with albums of abba group,so excited such songs-OUR LAST SUMMER...I still recall our last summer,I still see it all.You talked politics,philosophy and I smiled like MONALISA...I felt high like to fly the sky- bravo abba group-most tanzanians appreciated big hits.

ABBA I have a dream too! | Reviewer: Adam | 5/14/08

Thanks to You Tube,I have just discovered ABBA all over again . I was able to view their winning performance on the Eurovision contest from April 6,1974 and now know why they became and remain, such a successful and popular group Waterloo launched a career that was unmatched before or since. In such a short period of time, this exceptional group of artists touched the hearts of millions of fans world wide.Even though it has been almost 26 yrs since their last public performance, the songs and sounds they gave to the world continue to inspire and touch us deeply. Hope springs eternal that there will be more of Abba remember they only were taking a break.
Momma Mia is due out in theaters soon must see for fans--- can't wait.
For more info, visit abbaontv.com

love u abba | Reviewer: ken | 4/13/08

from the very moment i hear knowing me knowing you i felt chills ran through my body i can relate to that song in so many ways and i my greatest regret is not growing up in the golden era that was abba so i can hear their live performances my love goes out to all the great musicians who have made their mark in delivering the best and sweetest tunes that will ever grace my ears i will always cherish them thank you