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------ performed by Abba

I wonder! Those good old memories in 80s | Reviewer: Ahsan Habib | 8/8/14

Oh! Abba!! Still you make me can i tell you how much i love this song? how much? how to explain? unsaid memories, loneliness, teardrops, those scented feelings, lost childhood n adolescent days...........still your song is evergreen abba. accepting this reality, life is going on. in my mid 40s and still think i am a child..........i cannot forget 80s which is my golden you, love you too much abba. love you.........

wow | Reviewer: Justin | 1/20/12

This is a fabulous song to my mind although it didn't even appear in the top 20 ABBA songs, but nor did several other of my favourite ABBA numbers. Such amazing depth and scale of achievement. I wonder whether Frida wrote this. It seems so personal. I cry every time I hear it.

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