this song when I die | Reviewer: kenbob | 7/17/14

I have always loved this song, and recently have been through a lot of heartache and this song reall somes it all up, I just wish for a better family understanding, compassion and warmth and for everybody to get on, even it if fails !!

Fantastic song | Reviewer: Fred Curran | 3/22/14

What a fantastic song, I am in adelaide australia, my mum has recently passed away in edinburgh scotland, I am struggling to get to the funeral there in time. There is a web cam link and I have emailed a small speech to my sister. I am requesting this song to be played at the service I think this song is so so correct for this occassion but may play heavy with attenders fellings. Mama Mia is my second favourite movie ( after the deer hunter???) and it is played at the end of the movie in a moonlight scenario


Fred Curran

My Neice's Funeral | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/14

Joanne died aged 34 after being confined to a wheelchair and tube fed for a lot of years.

My Sister, her Mom, had I have a dream played at her funeral and everyone sung and cried to this beautiful song that encaptured the feelings of us all. Joanne is now an Angel and I am glad I believe.

I HAVE A DREAM LYRICS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/13

I HAVE A DREAM, is most up lifting song for ever I believe in Angel it has give hope and taken the darkness pain and moment of my life I sing the song over and over those dark day's is start to see the sun shine. God bless you bless ABBA

"I have a dream too! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/12

I have a dream is indeed a beautiful song. I am a christian with some knowledge of the "hereafter'.my reply to the song Is not to condemnthe humanist' view, but to say thanks for sharing,and to say there Is another "door" that so many people won't allow to open up, I'm refering to the bible, revelations chapter three, verse 20.Jesus Is the one knocking,waiting for to be invited Into a persons heart(life). to the one who has never responded to this knock,there In no way of knowing anything about the "Other world" that only one book, the bible revels. Jesus's own words are," behold, I stand at the door,(your heart), and knock, I anyone "hears" my voice and opens the door, i will come In,and dine with him and he with me."The gate to heaven are open to "whosoever will", but only those who believes, will enter In.yes, the bible has a lot to say about "crossing over the river", that's when the rest of the story (life) begins.I hope "whoever" makes a right decision

I have a dream | Reviewer: truth seeker | 11/26/10

Dreams are often where messages & or inspiration come from, whether they are waking or sleeping dreams.
the wonder of the fairy tale, & the future even if you fail. If you really believe in the good of mankind & not what we have been manipulated & programmed to believe. See through the lies.
See the good that is there to be found if only you look. "And my destination makes it worth the while" Know your destiny, know with utter conviction the path you are on is the right one. The path should be good in intention, not evil or negative. To cross the Stream is to either die or pass into another existance. notice the dream was after crossing the stream, maybe only after death do we have all the answers. Angels exist, only not in the way that most people think. The majority of people choose to block their intuition, but if you open up to it you will see a strange pattern of life emerges & that it appears you are being'guided'. yeah it sounds mad but I speak from personal experience. which is why when I woke up this morning this song was in my head, even tho' I havent listened to Abba for years & dont even own an Abba CD. (Thank the Gods for you Tube!) & no I'm not a religious nut - I am agnostic. Seek & you will find, the truth is there in plain view for all who wake up.

Meaning of Lyrics | Reviewer: Siegfried | 11/23/10

Most commenters on the net have not seen the significance of the choice of a Greek instrumental background to this song. They used an electric sitar to emulate the Greek bouzouki. I think that is unique within the ABBA repertoire.

"When the time is right for me, I'll cross the stream" refers to death and the transition to afterlife. Many mythologies, but especially the classical Greek, referred to a river separating the land of the living from the land of the dead, and a boatman who would carry the deceased into the afterlife. In several cultures it was the common practice to put coins over the eyelids of the deceased as payment to the boatman to assure safe delivery to the afterlife. In Greek mythology the river was the Styx and the boatman was Charon.

Depressingly, this could be a song of someone dealing with a terminal illness ("pushing through the darkness still another mile"). Or, possibly, a song of the power of belief to overcome whatever vicissitudes of life and to permit a calm confidence when that life comes to an end. Within this larger theme of affirmation of life, the "wonder of a fairy tale" could refer to any number of religions that provide that power of belief.

Meaning of "When I know the time is right I'll cross the stream" | Reviewer: Andy | 2/22/10

I believe the lyrics to "I Have a Dream" can only be understood when you realize that one of the co-writers is a dedicated Humanist, winner of the 2006 Hedenius award from the Swedish Humanist Association for his untiring efforts in promoting Humanism through his "public voice".

"When I know the time is right I'll cross the stream". To "cross the stream", in poetic imagery, means to die. Some (maybe many or all) Humanists support assisted suicide, and when this particular Humanist-poet finds that his "dream and song" have died, when he can no longer "see the wonder" in the "fairy tale" of life, when he is so sick and weak he can no longer "take the future", he will take his own life. "Angels", to the poet, accompany the dying person out of this life.

The "angels" written about here are not heavenly messengers, since there are no supernatural beings for the Humanist. His "angels", he tells us, are the things of this world, the "everything I see", that bring a message of "good" to him.

I have a dream | Reviewer: matias | 6/19/09

Good song, it comes to the bottom of my heart. I really like this one; cause the lyrics are beautiful, and they have a lot of meanings, it's just up who listen it or read it, it depends of how you wanna see it. I like best the part which says: Something good in everything I see. I think this song was made to give enthusiasm to keep going on and maybe don't stop at those little problems. It's just because the life goes on, and be sure that all of us, someday, will cross the stream.

i have A Dream | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/08

i love this song from mama Mia. It's beautiful and it means something to me. Plus it won me ist place in my school talent show.

Connection with Martin Luther King | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/07

Rather than a review I have a question: Does this song have any specific connection with Martin Luther King's speech apart from the title? Can someone explain what "When I know the time is right for me -- I'll cross the stream" mean?
Thanks for any info

I Had a Dream | Reviewer: Samantha | 7/25/07

I think this a very lovely song! I think it means alot if you look at it certain ways! Like when it says "Something good in everything I see" like to me this means with everything I see I look for all the advantages!

i have a dream | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/07

Everyone should learn this song and sing it once a day. It is a positive song and the best way to a positive day

i have a dream | Reviewer: nitasha | 1/8/05

excellent lyrics!good composing.good singerd.