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Performed by Abba

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I am so happy!!!! | Reviewer: Elaine | 8/15/12

I knew a girl and every time a certain teacher saw her, he would sing a song with her name in it. Ever since then, I have been searching for a song with my name in the lyrics. Finally, I have found one, and it is by one of my favorite music groups!

One Of my all-time favourites!!! | Reviewer: Chris | 9/28/07

I am very familiar with 'Elaine' which is waaaaaay too good to be a B-side on my opinion. It made the B-side of 'The Winner Takes It All' in 1980. It contains an extremely catchy lyric and fantastic vocals! I reckon 'Elaine' could have been a huge hit, possibly a No1. Amazing ABBA song!!!!!!!

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