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...And to go anywhere that I please | Reviewer: Adam | 1/8/13

Great song (both music and lyrics), thank you so very much ABBA, I am about the same age with the ABBA group members and still love their songs, especially this one. Deep inside I feel that, when time comes, I would like to leave with this song, Eagle.
Adam, Athens

Nor UFO's nor extra-terrestrial experience! | Reviewer: Gilson PI Brazil | 10/20/12

The secular religion line of Europe have been limited people to think forward (beyound the land of limitation) about freedom of this theme! Like Middle East (this more restrictive) people were led to think in one hand. This lyric runs to do the opposite, the another side, the others sides, the freedom to believe whatever you want, trying to tell people not submittin' their believes in secular questions or allegations... Freedom of mind, liberty of thinkin' is showed in this SUPERB SONG... Congratulations to ABBA. I'd like to see all you united once again. Give us this secular gift!!!

Bjorn Ulveus is a member of "The Humanists" in Sweden | Reviewer: Lars | 8/31/12

That is a strictly antireligious, atheist community. I strongly doubt he had any shamanistic or "spiritual" ideas or believed in UFO´s.

I love this song anyway. To me it is about freedom. I have loved ABBA since I was a kid and I heard them in my school age.

Greetings from Sweden. And I have never seen any UFO's in Sweden....

The year was 1978 | Reviewer: ck | 6/15/11

They were on mescaline when they wrote this song. Just listen to Agnetha's wavering voice and the psychedelic sound effects. For those who have never done San Pedro or Peyote, the condor (eagle) is the highest animal spirit that can be embodied.

As for the 'The Visitors', the year was 1981. Half of Europe was entrenched in communism which is what the song is about. NOT ALIENS. Don't feel bad. I thought it was about ETs for a long time too :)

Eagle | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/11

I love the song Eagle as much I first listened to it tens of years ago. It's very spiritual when the time comes to me I would like my family to play the song on and on and everyone should listen instead of mourning and sad.

deep pholsofy | Reviewer: mohammed alhassan | 1/27/11

I heard this song when I was kid and, after all those years, I still like it as much as, I liked it the first time I heard. it has the grate meaning that the unity of the universal with all deffrent shapes of the live.

Spiritual | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/10

I agree with the reviewers who like the song because its lyrics sound spiritual. I always imagined that this song was about the arrival of the first Christians in the Nordic countries, preaching a liberating gospel of dignity and personal worth of every individual

Beyond Open-Minded 2 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/10

The lyrics deal with ‘they’ who come from far away, know the answers to everything, speak strangely, but ‘I’ (= ABBA) understand.
In the title-track of ABBA’s last complete album, the actual meeting with extraterrestrials is believed to be described. The song deals with the excitement, but also the fear of ‘them’ who ring the doorbell. There are parts about ‘secret meetings’. And ‘now they’ve come to take me’.

Has ABBA been abducted by E.T.s ?…as suggested in their song: “Eagle”.
ABBA should be well-prepared to the arrival of the extraterrestrials, but still be afraid to finally get the answers to so many questions. It makes your earthly existence collapse: ‘My whole world is falling, going crazy. I feel I’m cracking up’.
According to Zimmerman; the song would be an ideal soundtrack to the better science-fiction movie. “Not just because of its lyrics, but the music itself is a different story as well.”
The subtle references to the space are even clear in the Swedish record-label that enjoyed the fruits of ABBA’s success: Polar Music. At first, it was a globe and later on, the stage setting of ABBA’s second world-tour: three pyramids, were printed on the label. “Especially the pyramid is a symbol of cosmic energy.” “Also, the ‘Voulez-Vous’ album cover uses a pyramid, with a photograph of Agnetha and Frida wearing futuristic belts adorned with delicate heavenly bodies, or rather little stars.”

According to the authors of the ABBA book, the importance of the song ‘The Visitors’ becomes clear due to the fact that the book is also titled ‘Die Besucher’ (The Visitors).

Beyond Open-Minded | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/10

"Eagle" 1977
Songwriters: manager Stig Anderson, Benny Andersson, Bjoern Ulvaeus

The manager and those two guys who wrote everything;either had contact with Aliens or they’re big enthusiasts about Extra Terrestrial life, that they often discuss it and also dream about it. However, they’re very open-minded people. Damn Swedes… and that was 33 yrs ago!
Sweden has a long documented history of UFOs.
I guess it’s easy to underestimate their depth because of their commercial approach and success.
This song wasn’t too successful but they wanted to say what’s important to them and didn’t care about its success. It also has Alien and Space kinds of sounds and feel to it.
Check out what they wrote:

They came flying from far away,
now I'm under their spell.
I love hearing the stories that they tell.
They've seen places beyond my land
and they've found new horizons.
They speak strangely but I understand.

As all good friends; we talk all night,
and we fly wing to wing.
I have questions and they know everything.
There's no limit to what I feel,
we climb higher and higher
Am I dreaming or is it all real?

"There are people who are silent but very deep and smart in seeing how and why the World exist."

everlasting | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/10

I heard this song when I was kid and, after all those years, I still like it as much as, I liked it the first time I heard it. It has everlasting beauty and timeless message. Can't compare with any of those ugly GaGas ,Quacks and other, industrial production, poultry.

Jary V. | Reviewer: Jary | 9/5/10

The song Eagle reminds me of what really life means to all of us. There are people who are silent but very deep and smart in seeing how and why world exist. That everybody or and individual has the capability of surpassing dreams, depending to their perrsistence" no limit to what we feel". As the the Teacher of Pierce Brosnan says: Nothing comes from nothing," So soar up and catch that DREAMS.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/09

This song reminds me of all the awesome friendships I've had in my life...all the people who truly 'fly like eagles', embrace life and encourage you to do the same. A reminder that anything is possible, there are no limits and we can all fly free.

Spiritual song | Reviewer: Titus Rivas | 11/11/07

I've always approached this song as a symbolic song with a spiritual meaning. The eagle being a symbol for our innermost 'noble' soul. It reminds me of shamanistic imagery of the Native Americans, of the concept of the soul of animals, of Out-of-Body Experiences, and Near-Death Experiences.

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