omg I love you | Reviewer: sharmen white | 8/28/13

You have such a sexy voice! Unbelievable.
Im just obsessed with a few of yours and your new ones. I can relate or it just sounds so beautiful!!!!! Wow I would love to jam with you some day! And you have a down to earth personality which is a great quality that most celebrities dont have.
Well take care Aaron!!!! Awesome job and how much you have come along.
Your fan shar shar

forever is such an awesome song, i love u aaron, thank u!!! | Reviewer: julie | 5/30/13

The first time i heard forever I fell in love with it!! I also fell in love with aaron all over again!! Seeing him from a different perspective totally made me respect him so much more, to follow ur heart like that and take such a risk, not knowing how ur fans would react, that took so much courage but you just stepped out there and u did the damn thing!!! So proud to be an aaron lewis fan, FOREVER!!!!! I love u aaron!!!!!

my sons funeral | Reviewer: Lynn W | 5/1/13

We played your song "when I'm gone" at my sons funeral. It was the first song played. It fit him so well! I listen to it often! Thank you so much! We also played "what hurts the most". I love your voice. My son was 30 years old. Truly - too young to die. He loved your music. So do I! Thanks much!

country boy hits home | Reviewer: connie k. beaty | 11/14/12

Seems like u hit everything my husband n I have went thru. Its so awesome how true that song and a few others I realy like. I call those of my favorite my stress releaver. N just relax and be mezmorized then I'm great again. Thanx aron. U r great