Reviews for That's How I Beat Shaq Lyrics

Performed by Aaron Carter

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Oh, Aaron! u rocked my world! | Reviewer: Lilly | 11/1/2008

when i was 5 or 6, had a huge crush on him! i still listen to this song and it takes me back! i sometimes miss the old days, but where is lil Aaron now? getting caught with drugs in his car! cmon Aaron! ur better than that!

shaq oniell | Reviewer: chad | 6/5/2007

the song bout thats how i beat shaq was wack shag can win u any tyme oh yah and shaq well i wonder when are you getting on the team la lakers man with bryant and odom hope u do oh yah and ask wade to join la lakers to man dis yur bot c martin man see ya soon.

ITS SO GOOD | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/12/2007

I LOVE AARON CARTER haha hes so cocky Then he cried like a baby
Sorry Shaq, I should've let you win
You're good too
And we can still be friends
who says that?

musical brilliance!! ***** | Reviewer: joe mamma | 11/6/2006

A truly amazing song, from lyrics to music to vocals, it just doesn't get much better than this, people! This song has had such an impact on my life. Everyone in the world needs to hear this groundbreaking, life-changing song!


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