Why do all the good people go??!! | Reviewer: ve | 12/19/10

beacause their place is in heaven, wish you were still alive because you done more than enough and your an angel on earth and in heaven now God Bless you and I wish there will be more people like you on this earth, it would be a better place to live ******Xoxo MISS YOU AALIYAH good people will have eternal life after death in heaven its truee!!

*.Aliyah- | Reviewer: brenda | 11/18/10

Omqq ididnt know that she was gone till thse year Serouslyy till i wanted to find out the nme of these Sonqq.. iStill Cant Believee it :( imiss her lotsx.. Sometimess i fell badd && iwantto Cryy Sometimes wen ii hear her sonqss :( ---------------------------------------- iloveher:\

her presence still lives on | Reviewer: mimi | 9/11/09

for forever i love all of her songs but this one is one of my favorites because if that boy aint googd to ya dust it off and go on to the next one......thanks aaliyah for making this song it makes me stronger in my relaationships

"You will always be remembered!" | Reviewer: Kylun Byrd | 6/3/09

Wow! Alot of things can be said about Aaliyah from her singing to her acting. What can I say? 1.) She was the most beautiful human God had created. 2.) She was very talented. 3.) Her songs put smiles on many people faces. Aaliyah will always be remembered, and if she was still here Beyonce would be in trouble because she would have been better than her. Because of her song "Try Again", I will be the best because if at first I don't succed i just dust myself off and try again! Rest in peace Li Li. KB

R.I.P. | Reviewer: gabs | 11/18/08

Aaliyah is and was very talented. Everytime i hear her songs or see her videos tears start to form in my eyes. Jus hoping u were here wit us. I miss tonz girl and may god have u always wit him. U still ROCK..no matter wat. R.I.P. Aaliyah and ill always have in my heart.

heads down & hats off we respect you Aaliyah | Reviewer: delicious | 7/11/08

this song taught me how to be strong with my relationships...if it doesnt work out ill just dust myself off..try again...if the nigga is bein wack..throw him away try another one..
one date cant tell it all...try a second date..=] if it dont work out dust it off girl.
& try again..theres more than a million fish out there..most guys are ass wholes nowadays..meet one at the club or something..they just wanna hit
it at the end of the nigght..girls test him ouutt &
watch out for aidss that stuff is everywhereee !
oh n if you wanna chat hit me up on the aim delicious1877

r.i.p. | Reviewer: dave | 9/17/07

her voice is just godlike, she is a goddess coz her music will live on for ever and give singers a good example

will luv you 4eva

queen | Reviewer: ary | 9/7/07

She is a Queen. This is the best song ever

missin you | Reviewer: kiran | 7/13/07

okai this chick just rocks ; Aaliyah if u
were still here today...all the other singers
wud be crap and ud own the stage =] ur music is
awesome and i just LOVE YOUUUUU

She's still here | Reviewer: Brianna | 6/16/07