remo must die. | Reviewer: ashley | 2/28/07

i saw your movie like it because were in ti. i saw jeti in it too. i just wanted to see it again.because it was you in it i wanted to see your music videos. me and you have the same january 16th.

try again | Reviewer: sasa | 2/18/07

i am fond of this music; i think it is the best music i heard on my life

R.I.P aaliyah.. | Reviewer: f4R@h | 9/7/06

this song is wikid.. i love the words to the song especialy 'our chemistry is off the chain its perfect now but will it change' something i need 2 keep in mind next time i huk up wiv sum1 lolz.. get bored 2 qwik

wow! | Reviewer: Trisha | 1/13/06

Aaliyah u were fab n u still are. i love u so much baby gal. yo lyrics are cool. miss u hunni.

oh yeah i love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/05

i love try again it makes you want to dance and the lyrics just rocks it's a great song.