you inspire me aaliyah | Reviewer: aaliyah irish | 12/5/10

aaliyah was loved by alot of us and i wish that i got to meet her as she insprise me with the name and that she was a pop prinsess even tho i was 4 when she died i realy look up to her realy much and one day i want to be just like aaliyah and she is still a pop prinsess to me all ways in my mind aaliyah

mic u so much bby grl:'( | Reviewer: azola | 10/24/10

why did u leave us Aaliyah,i love yr music and u wil always live in our hearts foreva,i was only 8 wen u died tho i didnt rily knw wat was goin i loved watchng u on t.v doin yr u aaliyah dana haughton.miss u

R-I-P MY NEVER FORGOTTEN SISTER 4-LIFE | Reviewer: victoria | 10/15/10

aaliyah was an idol for from when i was 5 singing ride the boat i think of her every time someone even says the word boat and all these other singers would NEVER EVER take her place just rest in peace and know ill always love yuh thats coming from the heart...............

wow | Reviewer: Zahria | 9/21/10

i always loved aaliyahs songs i remeber when she died too it broke my heart. i sing and i have the same vocal range as her so it is very easy for me to sing her songs and hit every note. i always sing her songs when im sad they cheer me up i really miss her a lot i always wanted to meet her she died when i was 4, so ill never get that chance but i will always remember her she will never be forgotten. R.I.P aaliyah dana haughton. we miss you baby girl!!!

II Miss Yuu | Reviewer: natasha | 8/25/10

Aaliyah ii miss yuu so muchh .. y did yu have tew leave us? my name is natasha & wen yu died in 2001 and ii heard about ihtt i couldnt take iht.. ii juss want yuu bacc :(.....everyone miss yuu

i wish i got a chance to meet her..! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/10

~tear i really wanted to meet yuh aaliyah and the way a a pretty talented girl like you died was horrific...but know that im your biggest day is not completed without looking at your poster in my room and listening to your voice come on my alarm..! ILY <3

aaliyah will b missed | Reviewer: Gemma | 7/1/10

it is vey tragic and sad of what happend to r&b singer aaliyah i rember it in the news i was 14 at the time if she was alive today she would have been 31 years old and would have been a bigger superstar

Aaliyah R.I.P | Reviewer: Jadeja | 6/5/10

R.I.P Aaliyah You inspire me soooo much i think about you all the time and i was only 2 years old when you died!!! I Miss you so much I Cry when I Listen to your song 'I Miss You'! I Also MISS YOU! AALiYah You Are gone but never forgotten in my LIFE!!! (l) :'(

Loving and missing you(you were my aidle | Reviewer: adrianna culpepper | 5/28/10

i knw im late but better late than never if you ask me well rite now im in class doing a presentation on aaliyah. i chose her becuz i remember wen i was young wen ever her video kame on tv i would get up and sing and do her moves man i use to have everything aaliyah but i pass it down to my nieces. i wish i could have met her well got to go present the one and only Aaliyah Haughton.

I love her | Reviewer: Alexis Aaliayh Anderson | 5/7/10

i really love Aaliyha so much i always thought i would meet her some day when i heard that she died i was at church an i staeted to cry n say that it wasnt true until i saw it on the news an i was truly hurt but i always love her music an her dances an more i wish she was still her today i no i would be moving where ever she was i always wanted to be like her but one day i am going to name my baby girl after aaliyah mayabe her hold name she will always be truly miss she gone but not forgotten love always alexis an aaliyah

euginababe | Reviewer: tyquailia cummings | 5/7/10

i know there are many out there that claims to know you and that they are all your number one fan ... i never had the privilege to meet you and that will forever sadden me you have touched so many and im sure you will live forever through your music and in us every time i hear a song of yours my heart jumps up and down your my icon and i wanna thank you for the time you invested in so many of us.
i cry myself to sleep hoping you will come back, i truly miss u even though i also never had a chance to meet you i truly adore u and always will!!! no matter what anyone says u were a true angel sent from
God, and you will always live apon us

R.I.P Aaliyah | Reviewer: NeIcIe | 3/17/10

All i WaNtEd To SaY WaS YoU InSpIrEd Me To SiNg... IvE sIngEd All My LiFe Too.. And StiLL Am.. I WiSheD IvE MeeT YoU... No PerSoN cAn Be LikE YoU.. LeTs JusT HopE SHe Is In A bEttEr PlAce Now... CuZ I KnOw ShE Is... We Miss YoU... NevER You WiLL Be ForGoTTeN... CuZ YoU DiD InSpiRe YouNg TeeNs LiKe Me.. AnD We AppRieCiaTe EveRytHinG.. We WiSh YoU WerE StILl WitH Us.. YoU ArE a StrOng InDePeNdeNt WoMeN.. I ThaNk YoU FoR SinGinG.. HoPeFuLLy OnE DaY I BecOmE A SinGeR. SinGiNg Is My PasIoN. I PerForMed In My SChooL, In ChurCh, AnD In ThiS AbsTinEncE ClaSSEs.. My DaD TauGHT Me My VoCalS.. ThAnkS For InsPiRinG mE To SinG.. LovE YoU AlWayS And ForEvEr NeIciE!!

i will alwayz love you | Reviewer: jermol simon | 2/6/10

Were do i start everysince 1998 you were my idol and such a beautiful person i been missing you for 88 yrs and counting i wish you were here so i can meeet you in person and i always wanted 2 b with yhuu but it will never happen because you are gone i will love you 2 death and cant wait 2 get 2 heaven 2 see you god bless and may you rest in peace baby gurl

i miss u | Reviewer: MyZaUgUsT | 1/11/10

my name is antyanna.we realli do miss u aaliyah u were a veri talented singer and everithng i wish u were stil alive 2dai 2 sing more wonderful songs for us we miss u n everithng. n 2 contribute 2 u im doin by african american vocal histori report on u. so thnx 4 all da histori u made in ur 22 year lng lyfe.thnx again

Aaliyah i miss sooo much | Reviewer: Aaliyah | 11/26/09

Aaliyah u r my fave singer in the world.
my mum named me after u. i love all ur songs.
but my die at the age of 27 and she died this year

love Aaliyah

i miss u soooooooo much i wish u you were with us all now.

love everyone:)