you where my inspriration | Reviewer: Nikendra Green | 5/20/14

aaliyah I didn't know u in person but I wish I did I loved your music I listen to your music sometimes & say to myself aaliyah why did u have to go I guess it was your time but it didn't make us weak it made us stronger because it makes us realize that life is too short to waste but we enjoyed u while u where here I wish u could come back if I could bring back people u would be the first one I bring back to earth den my family that I lost but u are gone in the flesh but here in the spirit but I wanna cry as I type this because it hurts so bad because I didn't get a chance to say goodbye so I love u & u will be missed love u rip aaliyah

Life is so bitter/sweet | Reviewer: Aaliyah04 | 1/11/14

Ur my inspiration. Never got the chance to meet u but in heart felt like I known u forever... My name is Aaliyah also I was born August 25, 2004 at 6:35 pm in nc my mom told me all the time ur named after my role model someone very pure and sweet and she always told me to read about her because I love music I love to sing I love to dance and I love acting being dramatic As my mom Saids lol! But I know everything happens fir a reason and god makes no mistakes and u were to good to be here in dis bad earth RIP my angel # with love

Namesake. | Reviewer: Aaliyah Richards | 10/14/13

I was about four or three when you passed, Aaliyah.. My name is Aaliyah, too. I wish you didn't have go out so early like you did.. Baby girl, my momma would always say, your name is special. I was too young to understand and mourn your death, but over the years, I grew to understand that you..were gone.

I love you, even though we've never met. We share the same name, though, and that's enough to preserve your memory..

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Rest in peace, Aaliyah Haughton, princess of R&B.

im alive | Reviewer: beauty | 9/2/13

Are you researching enough. Or pulling my string. Because. We had a memory lost. And i cant remember a thing. But lied my age and as soon as i starting making it. They wanted to meet my family. So we had to do something help. Me. I would say my real name but wat trouble am i going to get into. I hope none. My mom is abusive. What you wanted me to do. Shes still the same. I want to come back. But how to keep quiet. Without the name of a beautiful princess. Im sorry. But now im thirty. Aalyiah was not my name. I was brought to music for 6 moths until. I got pregnant. In 2001.

RoleModel 2 | Reviewer: Aliyah | 4/29/13

I remember on my birthday ((August 20)) I had a party with tons of balloons. So on August 25 , when I heard about the news , I got a balloon , wrote "R.I.P Aaliyah ! Say hello to my Grandma for me.." I cry every time I remember or think of that.

RoleModel | Reviewer: Aliyah | 4/29/13

Aaliyah you are my rolemodel. I love you and I wish this never happened to you. We're kinda like twins. My name is Aliyah also ((Spelled differently)) and Im 12 and looking to start my singing career. Thats all I have to say. I love and miss you Aaliyah

i love u and miss u alot aaliyah | Reviewer: jamica page | 4/8/13

i miss u and wat ever happen to u it shouldn"t happen becaues it was not rite for a pretty girl like u to just pass away like that and not singing rock the boat one last time for ur fans............ Love u Aaliyah

1# fan | Reviewer: Moka | 4/5/13

Ii was like one of your biggest fans. Still have all your albums and numerous posters. I use to love to see u dance and although I couldnt move like u there was no one that could tell me I couldnt. I loved u like I knew u personally

babygirl... | Reviewer: alana | 3/24/13

I remember hearing your songs when my sister used to play them. I was too young to remember your death, and i was too young to understand and mourn for you. But it kills me now, that the most talented, beyond beautiful and inspirational human being is not with us. I wish you didn't have to leave the way you did, and I hope that one day we can finally meet up above.
Rest in paradise, my babygirl. [You will always remain in my heart]

u ar d best ever in terms of music. | Reviewer: Anurseen | 2/24/13

Aliyah i was 10 years old when u passd away nd i missed ya so much,i felt in lov wt u by d time i watchd ur movie wt my best actor *jet li* which is (Romeo must die) i lov ur style even though am 9jarian but i like u so MUCH.

The gon aaliyah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/13

she is a nice she was the best (pop)singer ever and I loved her evan if thow I was not born in 2002 dose not mean that Idont care and I just miss her sooooooo much and I would go to hes consert if I was alive then but I just miss her sorry I was crying

The gon aaliyah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/13

she is a nice she was the best (pop)singer ever and I loved her evan if thow I was not born in 2002 dose not mean that Idont care and I just miss her sooooooo much and I would go to hes consert if I was alive then but I just miss her sorry

MORE THAN A FREIND. | Reviewer: BEST NZE | 1/29/13

Sometime when i wakes up in the moning, i realize their's somting missing from the face of the sky, and i ask my self, y hv u desided to leave us,some times when i look at your pictures, i feel like bringing u back but imp,R.I.P AALIYAH.

most precious | Reviewer: Kurt | 1/24/13

Aaliyah ...

I was 6 wen u passed away , 16 days after my birthday on the 9th of august and I know your in a better place now and I hope too see you 1 day in heaven and dance while you sing "rock the boat" for me live. You will always be my number 1 and 1 day my daughter will inherit your name ...I know your smilling while I'm texting you this and I'm smilling too :)

musicliveson | Reviewer: aaliyahfannoone | 1/12/13

beautiful angel on earth you know it still makes me sad u had an under age marriage u was miss treated u was so young and went thru so much n acted older n u was always smiling its your birthday soon and i know u wit pac n eazy n lefteye ghetto heaven and drake is the best god blessenough said (aaliyah hologram) xxx