I love u sis | Reviewer: poo poo princess | 11/11/09

Aaliyah I love u and miss u soooo much u always been my role model since I was 8yrs old I always called u my sister.You were very beautiful and talented and I know u watchin over every1 I jus wish I would of had the pleasure 2 meet you it broke my heart that u had 2 leave me so soon

Love always your realest #1 fan poo poo princess

the Best Female Artist | Reviewer: sharnese Braxton | 10/16/09

i just wanted 2say truthfully if Aaliyah, our beloved Queen, were still here on Gods green earth she would be at the top of the charts today whose knows, she'd probably be beyond beyonce's status or in compete. but to me, she still walks these streets everyday no matter in sight or in spirit. Much love to my role model Aaliyah.I'll See you Later...

Live always | Reviewer: Johannes M | 8/14/09

I personally love Aaliyah and her music.since when I was told of her death it broke my heart and I'm not sure I will ever forget her.everytime I think of her its like this thing happened as a movie and that she is still alive but is just so sad that she isn't.MY YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE!ALWAYS LOVEE YOU,I WISH YOU CAN HEAR AND READ MY MESSAGE!

i love u soo much | Reviewer: Megan | 8/7/09

i cry myself to sleep hoping you will come back, i truly miss u even though i also never had a chance to meet you i truly adore u and always will!!! no matter what anyone says u were a true angel sent from
God, and you will always live apon us

love you more than anything,

R.I.P | Reviewer: lucille walters aka silky | 6/16/09

i know there are many out there that claims to know you and that they are all your number one fan ... i never had the privilege to meet you and that will forever sadden me you have touched so many and im sure you will live forever through your music and in us every time i hear a song of yours my heart jumps up and down your my icon and i wanna thank you for the time you invested in so many of us.

Rest n peace | Reviewer: Janielle | 4/20/09

All I just wanna say we loved you in the beggining and we. Gone love you in the end. Your body Mite not be here with us but a least you left your voice and spirit with us. We miss you and love you and I hope. Your parents stay strong. And also we will Neva forget you. Ever. R.I.P aaliyah

4/20/09 | Reviewer: Janielle | 4/20/09

All I just wanna say we loved you in the beggining and we. Gone love you in the end. Your body Mite not be here with us but a least you left your voice and spirit with us. We miss you and love you and I hope. Your parents stay strong. And also we will Neva forget you. Ever. R.I.P aaliyah

i saw the same thing | Reviewer: not to know | 3/6/09

just like that person i saw the same thing in 97 we were at the movies and i too saw aaliyah get out of the car yelling robert i want to ask here what was wrong but she wouldnt listen to me she was to upset than i looked down then i saw it her belly was a little bump she could not have been more than 7 weeks thats when i knew what they had just talked about they were expecting i felt so sorry for her r.i.p aaliyah i love you.



you are still alive to me! | Reviewer: karina | 2/5/09

Aaliyah you are my idol i love the way you sang and you dressed. i think you showed women that you don't have to dress like a hooch to look good or wear tight clothing. Also your songs always had a good message and was never degrading. you really are unique and i am not sad because i know i will see you again soon! i love you!!

I miss You<3 | Reviewer: Nina | 1/29/09

Aaliyah was the best singer and I cant believe shes gone.. 8 years dam. Baby girl I miss you so much. R.I.P I love you so much, Your my role model, Nobody will ever take your place. All the singers try to be like you, But that will never happen. Aaliyah forever. Some day, I wanna become a singer and be just like you, Nobody can ever take your wonderful voice, Nobody can ever look beautiful like you, I miss you Aaliyah. I wish you can come back to us. I know your in a better place, But I just miss you so much Im about to cry. Im crying, I all wanna say is that your in my Heart, I will deeply miss you, And I love you R.I.P Baby girl, I miss you.

Aaliyah forever in our Hearts. I Love you.

Baby? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/09

a couple of friends and i were hanging out at Magic City in Atlanta, ga., back in 97 or 9'. a stretched limo (i think it was a navigator)pulled up and posted up in the parking lot. of course most people kept their eyes on this limo because they wanted to know who was in it. It was R.Kelly. people were trying to get his attention, yelling his name, yelling out, "u remind me of my jeep"....he stepped out, waved or whatever then his attention went back to the limo. we kept staring as people went on about there business (u know his security was deep) it looked as though he was arguing or having a confrontation the way his face expression was. he walked away from the limo, then in midway, turned around, said something and walked off. then thats when we seen her. it was aaliyah and she was upset when she stepped out (due to the look on her face) she called out "robert!" and she was pregnant and we couldn't believe it or know what to say. we were just being nosy, stuck around due to star struck and was fully in shock when we seen that belly. of course no one believed us. i mean no one! but we know what we saw and always wondered whatever happened.??? no disrespect, cause i personally loved aaliyah as an artist. her music always held a meaning. i loved her music and still do. but i know what i saw!

I Miss You | Reviewer: Alaina G | 1/11/09

Aaliyah is one of da greatest persons in da world shes my idol when i heard she died it was painful even through i was just small everytime i think of her dying i cry R.I.P Baby Girl u will live on in my heart forever ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I wish one snap could bing you back alive to your normal self

missed by jasmen | Reviewer: jasmen johnson | 12/13/08

R.I.P. aaliyah. i miss you so much.you were my role model and i wanted to meet you. i hoope i can see you in heaven. i hope you are reading these.

love you,

i miss baby girl | Reviewer: maya | 8/11/08

i miss aaliyah i watch her vedio all the time .and i have her romie must die sound track,here one and a millon,and 4 page latter cds.some times i cry but to make me fill beter i lisen to miss you. she was a young arist and that why she inspirous me the must and if i have a baby will name aaliyah. i hope i get to meet her family one day.i like looking at here video's the must because she was very buitful.and it doesn't seem compet without looking at here face ways she sings.