I miss u and u are my hero | Reviewer: brendon | 12/3/12

ur music has been shown a meaning of R@B nd i have learned more abwt music becuz of u.i hope u are happy where ever u are nd God keepd u save.I cnt believe u left so soon at the early age nd tell now is been hard 2 forget abwt u:-(.

yhur my inspiration <3! | Reviewer: keirra k. | 10/22/12

Dear Aaliyah , yhur my inspiration nd I miss yhu so much ! I can't believe yhur gne.. Nd Tbh yhu left us too soon ! I wanna be just like yhu wen I grow up ! Wenever I have a daughter her name will be Aaliyah,"the High most exalted one," !!

I MISS U!! | Reviewer: nyala robertson | 10/3/12

Aaliyah i love u u were my inspiration my idol u were my favorite singer and no one could replace u u are truly missed i just wish i could have met u in person i was born on August 5 and u died 20 days after my birthday u are in a better place now and i now u are watching me while i type this letter but i miss u Aaliyah i miss u so much my favorite songs by u were one in a million rock the boat at your best(you are loved) and i missu so just like ur song say i miss u and i wish u were still here with us to continue being our role model much love Aaliyah Dana Haughton!!!!!!

I never knew you so well but I really loved you | Reviewer: JoKo | 8/9/12

I never rili knew u but I rili Lykd u soooo much, I was actually 3 going to 4 when u died, u were buried on my 4 yr old birthday, I have not much to say bt I rili luv u d miss u. RIP Aaliyah ^.^

Miss you | Reviewer: Melanie | 6/4/12

Aaliyah you were the best person in life. THE HIGHEST MOST EXALTED ONE. I think of you every day and cry; I love you and miss you so much...R.I.P sweet baby girl, in heaven we will see us.....

I love and miss u Aaliyah!!!! | Reviewer: Tara | 5/16/12

I still can't believe that u r gone, but u r my biggest fan. When I heard about your death I was shocked but didn't take it as bad until I broke down in tears I always thought that u could b my sister bc I think we favor so much. From your interviews,music videos etc. u were funny,cool down to earth classy young lady yet beautiful that everyone admired. I know your family is proud of what u have accomplished throughout the yrs. when u were here,. I wish I had the opportunity to meet u better yet being good friends I know I would have had plenty of fun an laughter. Now that u r gone I know that u r in a better place, may god keep u an ur family an you r truly 1 in a million an missed!!!!!

i love u aaliyah god put u in a better place | Reviewer: ebonyboo | 5/9/12

Aaliyah i miss u i was 0 mouths when u pass i was born september19 , i wish u can come back god help me bring aaliyah if shes in your home she was the best better then beyonce rihanna an body rip aaliyah with love,ebony

Aliyah the best amongs the rest | Reviewer: OUTLAWZ | 5/3/12

Words could never explain the pain in my heart. It all stung and strucked me.
Never believe you are no more.
Beauty lost it finest.
Talent cried cuz its best was caught short.
I miss you aliyah. You left an empty space in my heart.
What more can i say? You're just special and irreplacable.
Rest in peace princess..

bay gurl we miss u so much | Reviewer: mimi | 4/6/12

you were so bautyiful and the one person that i love there music you could sing your voic3 out and you sound great and you r gonna be missed beacuz everyone loves yolu always and i love aaliyah!!! :(:

A tribute to a princess! | Reviewer: Kristina H. | 4/5/12


I am one of those who grew up in the 90's so from your first album until your last breath, you were very much apart of my teenage years. When you passed away, I felt like my own sister had gone home. At 14 years old I felt my first sting of someone who had influenced me and helped shaped my early years, being lost. It hurt. To this day it still hurts. I hope to be able to share your music and your life with my own daughter when she gets older. Thanks for everything you were, but Lord knows we did not deserve the angel that you were. Hope Heaven's as beautiful as you hoped for and yes, people remember you now, long after you've gone, as a good person. With so much love, Kristina.

TRUELY MISS !! | Reviewer: Deja Llyes | 2/11/12

Dear Aaliyah ,

Honeslty i never knew you as well . But i knew you well enough you was a good singer,my inspration,i look up to you. Always wanted to be just like you & i still to this day. When you passed i really didnt know what to think i was only four. Im 14 now going on 15.Honeslty i was thinking you would come back or something. But i know now your not. IF only you could have had one more chance on this earth this day,things would be different. I wish i could have met you, when i had the chance. i know your up there watching me as i type this i just want you to know I LOVE YOU MORE THEN YOU CAN IMAGEN & I MISS YOU ALOT!!!! But Aaliyah Dana Haughton your in a better place now, & trust me your truely miss!! <3 :'(


why you not me my sis | Reviewer: sello alfred segwapa | 1/5/12

hy baby sis i miss i just wish u can come back if things was possile in world of us i was gonna shere my life witg u sis but what i know is that will meet but not in this life time hy love u my ure soil rest in peace bye sis

I love and Miss you Miss Aaliyah <3 !! :( | Reviewer: Mylisa | 12/15/11

I was only 2 years old when you passed but I really cried when I heard the tragic news years later. After I had heard all your amazing songs, I was really looking forward to meeting you one of these days but I know we will meet some precious day in Heaven. I miss you, you fan - Mylisa Shyanna Clay:) We still mourn you 'till this day.

I miss you | Reviewer: Jasmine | 11/26/11

Hey Hun, I Was 9 1/2 when you passed away. I remember when your songs came out, i listened to them all the time and i still do. Everytime i hear your songs i get chills through my body. You are the most talented person and you could sing your tale off. You are very blessed and im sorry about the unlicensed piolet who flew the plane, he was such a jerk. But we all miss you so very much. Rest In Paradise Aaliyah. I love you Aaliyah Dana Haughton

Aaliyah for life | Reviewer: Steven | 11/22/11

Dear Aaliyah, u passed away when I was twelve yrs old. I didn't get to hear about the tragedy until a year after! maybe it's bcos I was in nigeria, Africa. I was miserable when I was given your death details. I love ur music, RIP until we meet again!