i'm hurt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/12

life is unlogical seing how she gone, dissappeared while she was still young; she could just run her carrier for her own best because she was strong than what anybody can think.
i wouldn't never forget her even though i knew about her life style and stage later.
i can just spit the words, she was an energetic woman
anytime that i listen to her songs or whatch her videos, i feel impressed in my heart and that means love, half of my heart given to her and i know that she's thanksfull to me.

an amazing woman =] | Reviewer: Grace | 9/6/11

Aaliyah was an amazing woman definitely one in a million no one on this earth can replace the talent that she had she definitely was more than a woman R.I.P Aaliyah Dana Haughton 25th August 2001 Marsh Harbour

It was a shock | Reviewer: Kiki | 8/11/10

I remember watching this video thinking how much i liked her voice and the video etc. Then at the end it said 'in loving memory' seriously didn't know she had passed back in the GOOD music days. Definetley beautiful and a load of talent. The tune will forever be a classic and a favourite of mine. R.I.P. Aaliyah Dana Haughton, defo one in a billion.

r.i.p. God's angel Aaliyah | Reviewer: janee | 12/12/09

i LOVE LOVE LOVE Aaliyah so much she is so beautiful and sweet.I look up to her. she is the nicest person and so real and down to earth.she is talented and her music touches my soul.r.i.p.the beautiful,sweet,talented the one and only Aaliyah.

Luv and Miss AAliyah Dearly | Reviewer: Chari Casiano | 11/1/07

How can she still give me goose bumps and make my eyes fill with tears I luv aAAliyah dearly. I feel like she was apart of me so wholesome and kept it real

More than a woman | Reviewer: Kia | 10/20/07

this song was avery good,deep song, everyone will miss Aaliyah rest in peace and yes you were more than a woman.

More than a Woman | Reviewer: NENE | 4/15/07

I love Aaliyah, GOD'S little angel. She was more than all of us.

more than ur lover | Reviewer: alice | 11/30/06

i know u was more than a woman u was always an angel and i love u o much if i could brige dead people back to life i was gonna brige u back .we miss u aaliah. and we love u rest in peace

More than just my angel | Reviewer: Zenia Frankson | 7/19/06

Aaliyah has always been my angel, since i was about three when i heard Back and forth, and More than a woman is one off my all time favourites. It just makes me feel happy and bouncy. For those who aint heard it, check it out!

more than just a good song........ | Reviewer: musicninjachick | 2/20/06

ilike the lyrics to this song, the music is fantastic but i especially love the video.

more than a woman | Reviewer: ivan | 10/11/05

i wanna hear the complete music from aaliyah with title more than a woman