Da Best | Reviewer: Paige | 9/27/07

Omg i love this song soooo much it reminds me of somethng my baby said 2 me. I love Aaliyah soooo much.... And 2 my boo i will always love u 2.

True Love | Reviewer: DiaStar | 8/18/07

This song just make you realize how much you love the person you are with.

Love this song | Reviewer: Princess | 8/8/07

Aaliyah is the best artist there is eventhough she is gone she will be remembered for the way she sung and the way her songs always had something to do with what you were going through SHE IS MISSED DEARLY R.I.P

my song | Reviewer: nellyyoungdrofuturewifey@yahoo.com | 7/23/07

this song take me back to all da times
me and my man broke up and hook up and
den i relize dat we couldnt be without
each other

R.I.P Aaliyah

I feel it | Reviewer: rokkinon | 6/11/07

I want to have the life my ex husband and I should never have given up on.....BACK!

Love it refers to my relationship lol | Reviewer: india | 6/1/07

Love it it makes me think "what Happend"? Look what love does to a girl. Refer this song to my relationship.

i cry wen i listen 2 it. | Reviewer: daphnie | 5/17/07

omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaliyah is da best R n B artist ever. n wen she sing u can feel wat she sayin. i love aaliyah!!!!!!!rest in peace n i cant explian da way i feel bout da song i cry wen i listen to it.

best song ever | Reviewer: jasmine smith | 5/16/07

i absolutley love this song there is no doubt in this world that can make me change my mind i love aaliyah and always will forever she willl be remembered R.I.P!!

-jasmine smith-

The Ultimate Song | Reviewer: Taboo | 5/3/07

This song has uncountable different meanings for me. It has helped me through so much things, and I believe that God made Aaliyah sing this song so that she can touch em and millions of people with it. And ven though she is now an angel watching down upon all of us, I feel that she still lives on through this song.

R.I.P Aaliyah

Cryin' when listening to.. :( | Reviewer: Best song ever.. <3 | 4/24/07

This song always makes me cry. I can't even listen this cuz it's so loverly and we used to listen it with my ex-girlfriend :( This is one of the best songs ever made!<33

In memorian Aaliyah.

love & strength | Reviewer: Justina | 4/16/07

this song helped me & my boy get through all the childish crap we put eachother through ... Aaliyah was a beautiful person & will eternally be remembered.

I Love.. | Reviewer: Danielle aka BabyD | 4/10/07

ooh my god i love this song so much thank you for puttin the lyrics up here much luv from your friend danielle

mrs. tell jr. | Reviewer: diamond | 4/9/07

i luv this song cuz i can relate to it and it expresses her true feelings and how she don't wanna be alone it makes me think about my baby,martell endsley

wow!!!! | Reviewer: spoil baby | 3/8/07

this is a fabulous song;it is a song for all couples in and out of love.my baby and i went through some things and this song explained it all to him. rest in peace baby girl....

Dunt wanna b | Reviewer: Kande-Kane | 2/23/07

ii L0V3 THii5 S0NG 50 MUCH iT D3DiiCATED 2 Mii N MA BABii 0F 8 M0NTHsZ 2DAY *J@50N* ii LOVE U BOO.THiiS 50NG iiS 4 DA PPL DAT R TRULY iiN L0V3 ~N~ ii AM THiiiS 50NG iiS 50 RiiGHT