Reviews for Rock 'N' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution Lyrics

Performed by AC/DC

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ROCK 'N' ROLL | Reviewer: Tyson Hese | 9/6/10

Iw ould like to say that I COMPLETLY AGREE with you both. All this Brittney Spears and Justin Beiber Crap is worse then being repeatedly stabbed in my eardrums. I personally think that all 80's Metal and Rock music is awesome, even though I am 17 and born in the 90's.

awesome song | Reviewer: miss you bon scott | 6/29/09

i agree with you shelby, rock N roll will never die not for a life time and i think that people should listen to this song more offten, all this rap and hip-hop crap should be burned and it should go back to rock N roll, im only 14 years old and my friends think im a kid stuck in the past because all these songs from back then i grew up with them my parents do not let rock N roll die im my house it's always alive!

Rock n Roll will survive | Reviewer: Shelby | 11/4/07

Gosh to think that there are no other reviews on this song!! This song is a classic. It is a self explaining song! ROCK N ROLL WILL NEVER DIE! and so FUCK all of you people who say Rock is dead!

R.I.P Bon Scott!

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