hehe | Reviewer: alpha joy sto.domingo | 7/1/10

it sounds very nice yet (no bad comment) ... you know what ? i remember someone upon hearing this song ... it is hard to define , really ! dis song is about some one who ahm gives you strength during your darkest hour in life ... nyaay .

mint | Reviewer: shiralee langton | 2/4/09

this song is amazing i love it so much lways have donre weneva i feeling a bit down or low n it picks me up thinking bout things n it just mkes me realise tat i not the only one having probs it just a great tune x

a1 | Reviewer: Eye Candy -- x | 1/10/09

Ben Adams is the one who wrote this song and he wrote it when he was only 16.

A1 is a British boyband but they had already splitted but Ben had just entered Celebrity Big Brother UK 2009 x -- and i want him to win..

wat is this song | Reviewer: anna | 5/24/08

wat is this song i have never houd it before
when i houd it i love the song is is sooooo sad and lovely song makes me criny it makes me think about all the people that have been hurt by the loved one !!!!!!!!!!!!

information | Reviewer: sherein | 3/21/07

am asking about more informatiom about this band, this lyric , who write it, reason for writing , and to whom .
thanks please answer as fast as you can

luv song of all tym | Reviewer: farzie | 2/15/07

been in luv with dis song since d fers tym i heard it.. budden, is dis for mother-child relationships? or couple relationships? sounds both to me..