Reviews for Forever Not Yours Lyrics

------Performed by A-ha | 09/15/2004 12:00:00 PM

forever not yours holds strong

What can I say... after a long career of supplying the world with the best quality pop/contemporary music, a-ha have done it again with Forever Not Yours. Beautifully crafted, their broad orchestration coupled with a memorable lick of piano, the soft harmonics of each members' voice and the stark yet touching lyrics make this one stand proud among many of a-ha's best.

As a native of Canada, there is sadly little opportunity to sing the praises of this Norwegian trio but ever since my first taste of Take On Me, I've been hooked. Each album reveals more about the lives and journeys of the bandmates and the fullness of their sound keeps improving with age. I know I've found my sound as they never fail to bring a tear of joy to my eye as each new track is introduced.

I just hope more of you will know the beauty and emotion of Forever Not Yours... try it on for size and don't be surprised if you find yourself bathing in it!

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